Top 40 Singapore Lifestyle Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021 was released by Feedspot on 22 April 2021.

The Ladies Cue Media Launch on 25 October 2019.

The Ladies Cue will mark her second year this October and our team is really proud to be listed as one of the Top 20 Singapore Lifestyle Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021 by Feedspot! We would like to thank Feedspot for this incredible award as well as to congratulate all 40 winners of this category!

If you are new to us, The Ladies Cue is a Lifestyle Community across Asia (Founded in Singapore) that brings ladies trends and happenings about Beauty & Wellness, Food, Fashion, Travel, and Parenting through digital and offline platforms. We have online and offline workshops for you to learn and grow together with like-minded ladies!

The Ladies Cue Facebook Livestream with Co-Founder Melissa Tan & Voice of The Ladies Cue Shanice Neo.

Moutai x The Ladies Cue Fempreneurs Workshop

Our team understands every stage of a lady before she turns 50 and we would want to be a part of your growth. We learned that we all meet similar vulnerabilities and problems but there are not many avenues that we could seek solutions from. The Ladies Cue Fempreneur Series is a column that we feel could be a way to seek solutions. Fempreneur Series was emphasized during the circuit breaker to move ladies in a clearer direction. Having the right attitude will allow us to conquer anything! Because nothing is impossible, and impossible is nothing when there’s Tender Loving Care.

The Ladies Cue Founder Jenny Lee and her husband visiting those in need in 2019.

The Ladies Cue also believes in giving back to society. Stay tuned to the up-and-coming plans via The Ladies Cue’s social media platforms! Please continue to stay safe and a reminder to always maintain social distancing (even though we all know it is difficult but please do your best for the greater good for everyone’s health!)

Once again, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Feedspot for featuring us on their platform!


女人精致生活坊将在今年10月迎来她的第二个年头,我们的团队为被Feedspot列为2021年新加坡生活方式博客,网站和影响力20强之一而感到非常自豪! 我们要感谢Feedspot颁发的这一令人难以置信的奖项,并祝贺该类别的所有40位获奖者!

如果您是我们的新读者,女人精致生活坊是一个遍布亚洲的生活方式社区(成立于新加坡),可通过数字和离线平台为女士们带来有关美容与保健,食品,时尚,旅游和育儿的趋势和事件。 我们有在线和离线研讨会,供您与志趣相投的女士们一起学习和成长!

我们的团队了解一位女士在50岁之前的每个阶段,我们希望成为您成长的一部分。 我们了解到,我们所有人都遇到类似的漏洞和问题,但是没有很多途径可以寻求解决方案。 女士提示球员系列是我们认为可以作为寻求解决方案的一种方式。 断路器系列中强调了女企业家系列,以使女士朝着更清晰的方向移动。 拥有正确的态度将使我们战胜一切!

女士提示也相信回馈社会。 通过女人精致生活坊的社交媒体平台随时关注即将到来的计划! 请继续保持安全,并提醒您始终保持社交距离(即使我们都知道这很困难,但请尽最大努力为每个人的健康谋福利!)


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