I being a self-proclaimed caffeine queen and as the founder & CEO of both The Ladies Cue and The Babies Cue, I tend to have back to back meetings locally and during my work trips overseas.  Several cups of black coffee and tea are a must to perk up my energy and focus, but not always the best for a sparkling smile. The tannins in coffee and tea are notorious for causing my teeth stains and discoloration, leaving behind a less-than-appealing yellow tint. That’s why I decided to check out and use SmileFam – a way to have whiter teeth to brighten my smile and elevate my oral hygiene routine, all while keeping up with my busy, java-powered lifestyle.



SmileFam’s Electric Toothbrushes

SmileFam’s Electric Toothbrushes



SmileFam – Singapore’s innovative Omni-Cleaning Toothbrush is founded by Lenney and Brett, SmileFam is a game-changer in the realm of teeth whitening and deep cleaning. This revolutionary toothbrush combines cutting-edge ultrasonic technology with a commitment to simplifying oral health for all and delivering powerful yet gentle vibrations to effectively combat plaque while nurturing healthy gums.

Beyond its cosmetic benefits, SmileFam prioritizes user convenience. Unlike traditional electric toothbrushes that constantly need recharging, SmileFam’s wireless base charger extends the toothbrush’s lifespan by three times, offering a hassle-free experience. Whether at home or on the go, SmileFam’s premium travel kit and waterproof design ensure that maintaining optimal oral hygiene is easy and accessible.



Omni-Cleaning Toothbrush (Valued at $138)Wireless Base Charger (Valued at $100) Travel Kit (Valued at $50) Refiller (Valued at $32) Total price: $320

Omni-Cleaning Toothbrush (Valued at $138)
Wireless Base Charger (Valued at $100)
Travel Kit (Valued at $50)
Refiller (Valued at $32)
Total price: $320



One of the standout features of SmileFam is its inclusivity. Designed to cater to individuals with braces, veneers, dental work, or tooth sensitivity, SmileFam provides a comprehensive solution for all oral care needs. With a free 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, customer satisfaction is at the core of SmileFam’s ethos.

The versatility of SmileFam toothbrushes is unmatched, offering five different settings to accommodate diverse oral care requirements. Specifically tailored for coffee and tea enthusiasts, the whitening mode ensures a radiant smile by combating stains effectively. In just seven days, users can notice a visible improvement in the brightness of their teeth, thanks to SmileFam’s non-invasive teeth whitening approach.

Moreover, SmileFam features a gentle mode that is gentle on sensitive gums and prevents discomfort, making it suitable for daily use. By harnessing advanced ultrasonic technology, SmileFam delivers powerful yet gentle vibrations that effectively combat plaque and promote healthy gums.

The convenience of SmileFam extends to its hassle-free charging system, facilitated by the wireless base charger. Designed for travelers, the portable travel kit ensures that your oral hygiene remains impeccable wherever you go. With a refill pack always on hand, you can enjoy a refreshing clean anytime, anywhere.



With 5 modes of Cleaning - Soft, White, Clean, Polish, Massage

With 5 modes of Cleaning – Soft, White, Clean, Polish, Massage



SmileFam Electric Toothbrush ensures hassle-free charging with our innovative wireless base charger. With the added bonus of a travel kit, you can maintain impeccable oral hygiene even while traveling. Plus, there is an additional refiller pack ensures you’re always ready for a refreshing clean.

Tips for stronger whitening effect: For stronger whitening effect, you may look for toothpaste with hypertonic salt.

With SmileFam, maintaining a bright, white smile is no longer a distant dream – it’s a daily reality for all coffee enthusiasts and oral care aficionados. Ideal for gift to your loved ones too!

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