Hey fabulous tribe of The Ladies Cue, DO YOU TAKE HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS REGULARLY?

Face it, our modern lifestyles sometimes involve more stress, processed foods, and on-the-go meals than we’d like. Supplements act as a backup plan, helping to counterbalance the not-so-healthy aspects of our daily grind.

Supplements are the convenient, grab-and-go solution to ensure you’re not missing out on essential nutrients, even on your busiest days. Hereby, our founder, @jennylee_2012 handpicks 2 of her preferred choices from Q & N Pte Ltd to share with us.

🌿 Introducing Colon Care™ : Constipation Free, Risks Free! 🌿

Let us talk about something that might not always be the most glamorous topic but is crucial for our well-being: digestive health. Imagine saying goodbye to those not-so-fun moments of difficult and painful defecation, bloating, and all the risks associated with constipation. Enter Colon Care™, your holistic solution for a happy tummy!

Why Colon Care™ Works Wonders:

  1. Insufficient Dietary Fiber? We Got You! 🥦
    • Chronic constipation often stems from a lack of dietary fiber. But fear not! Colon Care™ boasts purified aloe vera extract, a safe and recognized dietary fiber superhero that replenishes what’s missing and helps kick constipation to the curb.
  2. Excessive Internal Heat? Chill Out with Cassia Seed Extract! 🔥
    • Spicy foods, stress, and hot weather causing internal heat and dryness? Enter Colon Care™ with cassia seed extract, here to cool things down and relieve constipation caused by excessive internal heat.
  3. Weak Colon Muscle? Pump It Up with Psyllium Seed Extract! 💪
    • For those dealing with weakened colon muscles, especially our fabulous seniors, Colon Care™ has got your back. Psyllium Seed extract steps in, improving and stimulating colon muscle contraction for smooth sailing in the stool department.

Supplement Facts:

  • Aloe Vera Extract 300mg
  • Psyllium Seed Extract 200mg
  • Cassia Seeds Extract 100mg

Suitable for:

  • Those with insufficient dietary fiber
  • Dealing with excessive internal heat
  • Facing weakness in colon muscle contraction
  • Experiencing irregular bowel movements
  • Battling toxins and related issues

Suggested Use: Take 1 tablet, 2-3 times daily, before or after meals.

Package: 60 tablets/bottle

Shelf Life: 36 months

Storage: Seal and store in a dry place. Caution: Unsuitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Ready for a constipation-free, risks-free journey with Colon-CareTM? Your tummy will thank you!

Now, let’s talk about Cool Beauty™ – your secret weapon for looking and feeling fabulous at any age. Who says age comes with a manual? We’ve got Cool Beauty™ for that!

Why It’s Your Beauty Whisperer:

Wild Wonder: The wild arrowroot extract in Cool BeautyTM is a treasure trove of isoflavones. Translation? It’s like a beauty spa for your skin, supporting a healthy complexion and skin elasticity.

Calcium Cheers: Plant-based calcium in Cool BeautyTM is the wingman you didn’t know you needed. It supports your calcium levels and keeps your emotions in check. Good vibes only!

Zinc Zest: Zinc Lactate in the mix helps with good female metabolism – the ultimate support system for that inner glow.

Perfect For:

  • Beauties below 35 with internal balance hiccups
  • 35-45 warriors battling the signs of sub-health
  • 45-55 fabulous ladies embracing pre-menopause
  • Above 55 queens conquering post-menopause challenges

How to Shine Bright: 1-2 times daily, before or after meals. Tailored for you, whatever your age!

There you have it, the dynamic duo from Q & N Wellness! Colon Care™ for a happy gut, Cool Beauty™ for that ageless glow. Because who said wellness can’t be fabulous? 💖🌈✨

About Q & N Pte Ltd

Founded in 2007 and a proud Product of Singapore, QN Wellness has proudly stood at the forefront of manufacturing and distributing a diverse range of plant-based supplements. Over the years, they have garnered trust from a diverse community of individuals and organizations seeking the best in plant-based supplementation. Available through numerous distribution channels, including Guardian, Unity Pharmacy, Watson’s, Robinsons Online, as well as e-commerce platforms.

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