In a bid to enrich the heartlands with its signature blend of minimalist aesthetics and functional design, renowned Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI proudly unveiled its 12th store in Singapore, located at Parkway Parade. Spanning an impressive 1700 square meters, MUJI Parkway Parade stands as a beacon of quality living, catering to families and enthusiasts of an active lifestyle.

As the inaugural ‘standard MUJI store’ in Singapore, MUJI Parkway Parade seamlessly transports the authentic, welcoming ambiance of its iconic Japanese outlets to local shores. Here, residents can indulge in the rational satisfaction derived from MUJI’s no-frills yet high-quality products, ranging from garments to household essentials and even food, all conveniently accessible for a quality lifestyle.

Ladies Wear


Setting itself apart as the sole suburban outlet offering MUJI’s coveted selection of frozen food, MUJI Parkway Parade champions convenience without compromising on quality. Moreover, the store takes pride in promoting an active lifestyle, boasting an extensive array of active wear and urban bicycles crafted from premium aluminium and carbon materials, sporting colors exclusive to the MUJI brand.

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Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Katsushi Onishi, Managing Director of MUJI Singapore, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Parkway Parade caters to a district known for its vibrant and diverse demographic. From multi-generational families to savvy shoppers, MUJI Parkway Parade welcomes everyone to experience well-designed, functional, and high-quality goods that bring joy to everyday life.”

The launch of MUJI Parkway Parade heralds the brand’s commitment to expanding its footprint across suburban landscapes, with plans for two additional outlets slated for the year. This strategic move aims to bring MUJI’s unique perspective on household goods, apparel, and food to an even wider audience in Singapore.

Frozen Food Cream Daifuku


Frozen Food Mitarashidango Rice dumpling with sweet soy sauce


Frozen Food Deep Fried Tofu Udon Noodle Soup


Frozen Food Salmon Rice Ball


Exclusive Offerings at MUJI Parkway Parade: Unveiling Opening Specials

Overall, being a MUJI lover isn’t just about having an appreciation for beautiful products; it’s about embracing a philosophy of simplicity, functionality, and mindful living. Especially now my 2 teenages are supporters of MUJI and that’s why MUJI will always have a special place in my heart and home. 

Among the highlights of the grand opening festivities are the exclusive offerings available solely at MUJI Parkway Parade. From the mini jute bag to the mini canvas bag in natural hues, these compact yet stylish accessories cater to the efficiency-conscious consumer, embodying MUJI’s ethos of simplicity and functionality.

Mini Jutebag


Mini Canvas Tote Bag Black


Mini Canvas Tote Bag White


In addition to these exclusive bags, MUJI Parkway Parade presents a range of must-have items, including the beloved canvas tote bag in blue and a selection of charming kapok-filled seat cushions, essential for enhancing home comfort.

Canvas Tote Bag (Tall) Blue


Kapok Filling Seat Cushion


Kapok Filling Seat Cushion (Giant Panda)


Kapok Filling Seat Cushion (Polar Bear)


Kapok Filling Seat Cushion (Smoky Pink)


As part of the opening specials from 3 – 7 April 2024, shoppers can avail themselves of enticing deals and promotions, including the chance to win MUJI gifts and vouchers with a minimum spend of $80 nett in a single receipt. Among the coveted gifts is the limited edition B5 Jute My Bag featuring an exclusive MUJI Parkway Parade print, available only during the opening period.


Limited Edition B5 Jute My Bag Parkway Parade print


Moreover, shoppers can revel in discounts of up to 20% on selected household and apparel items, including the Hemp & Linen Series, PP File Box Series, and the Cool Touch Cushion, offered at an irresistible price of $20 (U.P. $46.00).





In the heartlands of Singapore, MUJI Parkway Parade inviting shoppers to immerse themselves in a world where simplicity meets sophistication, and quality living knows no bounds.

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About MUJI

MUJI was established in Japan in 1980, with three main principles that remain unchanged to this date:
(1) Selection of materials, (2) streamlining of processes and (3) simplification of packaging. As a well-known Japanese lifestyle brand, MUJI emphasises simplicity, quality, and sustainability in its products with a wide selection of garments, household goods and food. Many of MUJI products are plain without much decoration. This is to allow creativity and flexibility when using MUJI products. Additionally, in the past, only goods that were perfect and beautiful were sold. Many imperfect items were thrown away, despite having the same function. MUJI has taken these “overlooked” items and repackaged or incorporated them into the product offerings. In MUJI; relook into creating functional products that are truly worth MUJI value and are “just right” for everyday lives. For more information, visit http://www.muji.com/sg


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