Every mummy loves to spend quality time with her baby! In Asia, there are so many different activities available for you and your baby. Bonding with your little one will allow both of you to form a strong connection with each other. Emotionally and physically. Bonding with your baby is important. It helps to release hormones and chemicals in the brain that encourage rapid brain growth.

Here are some mother-and-baby activities that you may consider!

Activities for Baby and Mummy to Bond Over

Mother giving her baby a high-five.

  1. Take a House Tour

Walk with your baby around the house! Take out objects that catch your baby’s attention and name them. Plants and other natural items are highly recommended!

Activities for Baby and Mummy to Bond Over

A mother giving her baby a massage.

2. Massage your Baby

Infant massage has the ability to calm your baby. It helps your baby to relieve gas. Use a food-grade oil like coconut or olive to achieve better skin for your baby. skin. A reminder to do an allergy test on a small spot on her before diving right in for a full body massage.

Mother singing along with her baby.

3. Sing with Hand Gestures

Fingerplays and hand songs are a fun, easy, and engaging way to encourage your baby to repeat the demonstrated movements of your head, arms, hands, legs, and face.

Activities for Baby Mummy to Bond Over

Mother chatting with her baby.

4. Have a Chit Chat

The more you talk to your baby, the stronger their verbal skills will be. Not sure what to chat about? Narrate your day to your baby! Share with your baby about your day! Tell your baby where you got the item in your hand or where they are heading to.

Activities for Baby and Mummy to Bond Over

Mother reading to her baby.

5. Read a Book

It is never too early to begin reading together. Start with board books without much text and with big bright images! Through daily reading, your baby will start logging vocabulary which will be beneficial in the future. Studies show that kids who were read to at an earlier age have higher IQs and a boost in life.

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