In this special column called the “TLC x Fempreneurs Series”, we will be featuring inspiring Female Entrepreneurs (Fempreneurs) in short. You will be able to have a sneak peek at their mindsets and their daily habits.

Believe in the power of community. On some days when you feel big goals are impossible, or when you feel like giving up, you need to lean on your like-minded community. You can even “borrow” motivation, and in turn “return” with your own inspiring stories to pay it forward.

Meet Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your business/ brand about?

I’m Qi Wen, 24-year-old girl boss (founder) of Qwerky Colour. Qwerky Colour is a local brand that specialises in non-damaging, semi-permanent hair dyes that are formulated using plant-based ingredients. We have since expanded our product line to include the cult favourite Suck It Up Colour Locking Hair Mask and other complementary hair accessories! We see to help people express themselves through their crazy hair colour without worrying about the damage.

What got you started on your business? 

My hair dye journey started at the young age of 18 right after junior college. I used to get my hair done at salons but I was struggling with the upkeep since each trip cost a few hundred dollars. I also found myself constantly disappointed by promises from salon staff. Ultimately I started looking for other more affordable alternatives to dye my hair but there was no brand on the existing market that was able to fully meet my expectations as a consumer. That’s why I started Qwerky Colour back in September 2021.
TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

Before you started on your business, what did you do on a full-time basis?

I only had 1 full-time job before quitting to work at Qwerky full-time. I was working in a startup as a Marketing Executive for about a year. Prior to that, I was studying Marketing at SMU.

What were some difficulties you faced in your life and how did you overcome them?

Sometimes I do deal with imposter syndrome and self-doubt since this is my first business and I don’t have much experience in this field. When I feel the doubts start to creep in, I look at how far I have come and feel grateful for it all. I also love hearing my customers say how much they love Qwerky’s products, it makes all the hard work worth it.

Who inspires you?

I don’t have a “role model” per se and I draw inspiration from multiple sources. One of the people who I respect is Kris Jenner. She’s a very talented self-made woman who literally marketed her daughters to fame, I think that’s pretty amazing.

What excites you most about your industry?

I love that the beauty industry is ever-changing and there’s so much room to experiment.

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

Range of Qwerky Colour Products

What is your vision / personal motto?

Work hard to get what you want because no one is going to hand it to you.

Do you have any words of advice for other ladies who are starting their businesses/ starting to pursue their dream?

Don’t be afraid, don’t be intimidated. If you have done your due diligence and believe in yourself (as cliche as it sounds), you got to just go for it and chase down what you want.

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

Fempreneur Koh Qi Wen and Her Family

What have you learnt recently that you hope the other ladies can take back?

Stand firm in what you want and what you believe in. As brute as it sounds, in life it’s inevitable that people will try to take advantage of you or try to put you down. So when it’s needed, stand your ground and be firm in your decisions.

How do you think you can help ladies to feel confident and empowered?

I do my part through Qwerky! Being an inclusive business, we strive to empower everyone to be their most unapologetic selves through the use of our products. I hope people can feel more confident and more like themselves after using our products.

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Koh Qi Wen (Qwerky Colour)

Qwerky Colour Brand Logo

What is one thing you are grateful for?

I’m grateful for my customer’s love and support for Qwerky. I’m living the dream and it’s all thanks to them.

What do you do in your free time as self-care? How do you unwind?

I love watching animated films, cartoons and series. Big fan of Disney and Pixar. I also really love Barbie movies and the Winx Club as they remind me of my childhood and I always find myself always getting inspired by these shows.

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