In this special column called the “TLC x Fempreneurs Series”, we will be featuring inspiring Female Entrepreneurs (Fempreneurs) in short. You will be able to have a sneak peek at their mindsets and their daily habits.

Believe in the power of community. On some days when you feel big goals are impossible, or when you feel like giving up, you need to lean on your like-minded community. You can even “borrow” motivation, and in turn “return” with your own inspiring stories to pay it forward.

Meet Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your business/brand about? 

My name is Dot (short for Dorothy) and I am one of three Co-Founders of Sunday Shades. We are a homegrown sunglasses company producing stylish sunglasses with full UV (UV 400) protection, polarised and Asian fit. We guarantee they won’t bounce or slip off during exercises and physical activities!

What got you started on your business? 

We were traveling a few years ago and realized that it was difficult to find shades that were affordable, looked good, and had all the features we wanted, including having full UV protection and being able to stay on our faces without slipping off. I played beach volleyball occasionally in Singapore as well and we had to wear sunglasses most of the time due to the extreme heat and glare of the sun’s rays. I realized sunglasses that were polarised and offered full UV protection were expensive. This led us to realize that there was a gap in the sunglasses industry that could be bridged.

Before you started on your business, what did you do on a full-time basis?

I used to be an ex-national volleyball player, then subsequently a full-time indoor volleyball coach. I still coach part-time now, but now 80% of my time is tied with Sunday Shades.

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

What were some difficulties you faced in your life and how did you overcome them?

Time management! I have so many things on my plate, especially juggling coaching and managing Sunday Shades, that it’s sometimes difficult to prioritize! Over time, I learned to simplify my routine and set more realistic expectations of myself.

Who inspires you?

My mum and my sisters. Mum is a single mother who single-handedly brought up five children when she was widowed at the age of 33. My two older sisters have the same strength, resilience, and tenacity I see in my mum.

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

Sunday Shades Bubblegum Violet Classic

What excites you most about your industry?

It’s nice to see how people are more informed about caring for their eyes even when they are engaging in sports, and I see the potential for even more growth in the sports accessory industry as more people spend more time outdoors during and after the pandemic. As I handle the design aspect of the sunglasses, I’m excited to be able to continuously create stylish sunglasses for our customers!

What is your vision / personal motto?

Be happy, honest & humble.

Do you have any words of advice for other ladies who are starting their business/ starting to pursue their dream?

If you want to learn a sport, you have to put in the time and effort to learn and practice before you become good at it. So, if you have a dream to start your own business, take action. It will take time and effort. It’s okay to start small. But importantly, take that first step forward and START doing something about it. Persevere in it.

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

Beach Volleyball with Zenn Kelly

What have you learnt recently that you hope the other ladies can take back?

Do not be afraid to try. I read that Thomas Edison had 1000 failures before he succeeded in inventing the light bulb. When he was asked, ‘How did it feel to fail 1000 times?’, he said, ‘I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.’ We know failing is inevitable in our life. But what’s important is that we shouldn’t be afraid to fail. We can learn from our failures and be better equipped for future successes.

How do you think you can help ladies to feel confident and empowered?

I think its important to keep learning. If it’s a skill you need to learn, go pick up a course. If you need advice, do not be afraid to ask someone. Don’t sit and wait for a miracle to happen. Be proactive.

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

Sunday Shades Brand Logo

What is one thing you are grateful for?

I am grateful for a supportive and positive spouse, and for family and friends who cheered us on during this journey.

What do you do in your free time as self-care? How do you unwind?

I put aside time to hit the gym with my husband and I zoom-exercise with my friends once weekly. My morning walks with Jazzy, a Singapore Special, is my daily re-set button.

Let us know more about what you do!

We are Sunday Shades and we produce sunglasses made for athletes. Elevate your workouts with these gorgeous sunglasses because they won’t bounce, are super lightweight (weighs as light as only 5 pieces of A4 paper!), and fits very snugly. Designed with Asian facial profiles in mind, many customers say these are the most comfortable sunglasses they’ve used!

You may also find us featured on Shin Min Daily News, The Edge Singapore, SportPlus, JustRunLah!, and Gen-Z Magazine.

Connect with Sunday Shades!

Website: www.sundayshades.co
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sundayshadesco
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sundayshadesco

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TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Dorothy Chew (Sunday Shades)

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