“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

Jenny Lee, The Ladies Cue, Love 97.2 FM, Mediacorp Radio, ladies club sg8 years ago, Jenny Lee (Founder and CEO of The Ladies Cue) had a dream. Even though she was excelling in her career and had to quit her job at Mediacorp to become a full-time mother, she did not give up on bringing people together to create new heights. She has always held on to the belief that being in a community is the wave of the future. Her idol, Jack Ma, has shown her how he has helped a community of home business owners and she has always wanted to follow in his footsteps to create a platform for women. 

The Ladies Cue, lifestyle community, ladies community, ladies club sgWhat is The Ladies Cue?

The Ladies Cue is a lifestyle community that goes across Asia that is built for ladies by ladies. The community is built for women from all walks of life, doesn’t matter if you are a student, a married woman or a mother, you are welcome. We all play many roles in our lives: We are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers and friends. The Ladies Cue believes that every lady would definitely need some support some time or another. And we would like to be here for you!

Melissa Tan (COO of The Ladies Cue) and Jenny Lee (CEO & Founder of The Ladies Cue) at LOVE 97.2 FM Station

There are a lot of platforms with regards to moms-to-be and new moms; female entrepreneurs and lady bosses. However, there’s hardly a platform whereby ladies from all walks of life can get to receive latest trends, perks, online shopping, female products and services etc. We are a platform for single moms and ladies who may feel that they are alone, but we really want them to know, they really aren’t!

The Ladies Cue Went On Air at LOVE 97.2 FM with Violet Fenying

Jenny and Melissa in the LOVE 97.2 FM Interview with Violet Fenying

Through the rebranding of The Ladies Cue in August, to our media launch in October, to working with different brands in November and December, The Ladies Cue has reached a new breakthrough! We had the chance to share Jenny’s dream to the public on air with Love 97.2FM (最爱频道). Singapore’s renowned radio channel invited us for a media interview and we were absolutely thrilled to know that we could be on air!

Jenny Lee, Melissa Tan, Violet Fenying

Live in Action at LOVE 97.2 FM

The Ladies Cue, LOVE 97.2 FM

Look at how excited Jenny was!

I got super excited as we entered the studio. My heart was pounding and I could literally hear my heartbeat in my head! Upon entering the studio, I was amazed by the interior setup – The walls were filled with so many Love 97.2FM logos. There was also a display of Chinese New Year goodies on the coffee table right in front of a sofa (probably where the DJs take their rest on). I felt at home the moment I saw Violet Fenying because she was so welcoming. She is such a talented host. Sitting right in front of the huge microphone, I witnessed how she multi-tasks with the panels in front of her, headset and microphone as well as the computer that she replies entries on WhatsApp from listeners. The interview was really light-hearted and fun because it just felt like 3 friends talking to each other! The only difference was that there were microphones, headsets and music during our “break time”. Never would I have imagined this would be how I would actually feel when I went on air – Live in Singapore!

Jenny and Melissa with Violet Fenying at LOVE 97.2 FM Interview

The Ladies Cue Would Love to Support You!

As The Ladies Cue head into the Year of the Rat, we hope to do better as we create an avenue for ladies who want to be an entrepreneur, who want to be a nano influencer or who just wants to be better person. We wish to create a community whereby ladies can connect, learn, shop, earn and share a happy, healthy and holistic lifestyle. We hope this dream will come true and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for the love and support you have showered towards us!

Here is a video of the interview we had with Violet Fenying at LOVE 97.2FM on 21 January 2020:

Click here for more information regarding the workshop (Work-Life Balance: Is It a Myth?) on 29 February 2020 (mentioned in the radio interview).

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