Pamper Your Man With Japanese Luxury Skincare Brand meeth

Peer pressure and societal standards and norms have conditioned a large majority of the male population that taking care of oneself through skincare is effeminate in nature, and should only be reserved for women. Despite sharing several similar skin concerns as women, the very thought of walking into a store and perusing through aisles of skincare is loaded with stigma for men.

The welcome news is that in recent times, men’s demand for skincare has been rising slowly and steadily. Many brands have thus launched a line of skincare specifically targeted for men to fuel this demand, which proves problematic in itself as it may just perpetuate the stigma even further. The stark contrast in packaging — soft and gentle on the eyes for women, and harsh, dark colours for males, highlights the need for men to remain as masculine as possible even while taking care of their skin.

Despite the inherent biological differences of the skin structure between men and women with men typically producing more sebum as compared to women, skincare requirements between men and women remain similar. It is however due to this stereotype of men having oilier skin types that result in male-targeted skincare products oftentimes containing harsh and stripping ingredients, such as denatured alcohol, or an absurd amount of acne-fighting ingredients that severely dry out and damage the skin’s barrier.

Enter meeth, a luxurious Japanese skincare brand which has established their presence in Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. As an innovative J-beauty brand that combines cutting-edge Japanese innovation with naturally-derived ingredients, meeth’s skincare philosophy is based on mild, gentle ingredients and modern Japan’s new capabilities. As a result, meeth’s products combine mineral-rich water sourced from Sapporo and Iwanai in Hokkaido, with skin-loving compounds like Fullerenes and Pentavitin. These are ingredients that have been utilised in skincare for a long time, but the effectiveness of these ingredients in skincare products have now been elevated by contemporary technologies employed by meeth.

With meeth’s completely gender-neutral characteristics, from its minimalistic and sleek packaging to its brand philosophy and belief that “beautiful skin is the best jewel”, meeth is on a journey to encourage more men to take charge of the health of their skin through the provision of essential products that can be easily incorporated into any skincare routine, transforming a mundane routine into a luxurious self-care ritual. With a dream and the simple premise of delivering beautiful and radiant skin to anyone of any age, meeth hopes that more men fall in love with their skin and discover real self-confidence while debunking the longstanding stigma that self, and skincare should only be reserved for women.

About the Products

Pamper Your Man With Japanese Luxury Skincare Brand meeth

  • Smoothcleans Skincare Set

    • Lifty Wash (90g) – SGD 65

    • Morerich Essential Lotion (100ml) – SGD 115

    • Morerich Smoothcleans (120ml) – SGD 65

  • F-Bright UV Base (25g) – SGD 70

  • Morerich Pack (7 masks) – SGD 190

About meeth

Founded by Japanese celebrity and skincare aficionado Sonmi, meeth’s approach to skincare is grounded in gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients and the endless, new abilities of advanced technology. It embodies the very best of cutting-edge Japanese innovation, bringing together timeless solutions and high-tech procedures that few other companies have utilised.