With the Semakau Landfill – the only off-shore landfill for the entire population of Singapore –  projected to be completely filled up by 2035, it is paramount that we do our part as individuals to reduce the amount of waste we generate as much as possible.

A big part of that is in reducing the plastic waste that we generate from beauty products! With extravagant packaging for tiny amounts of the actual products, statistics report that the global cosmetics industry generates over 120 billion units of plastic a year! Of course, the global pandemic hasn’t helped. Single-use masks, millions of vaccines, medical apparatus, and a huge increase in online sales and returns have all added to the issue. The United Nations has warned that if this continues, we will have more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050

Sustainability with meeth’s Environmentally-Friendly Skincare

Sustainability with meeth’s Environmentally-Friendly Skincare

The responsibility for reducing plastic waste falls equally on the beauty industry, and on the individual – both have to make sustainable choices for there to be an impact. But with skincare being so complex, and so many different products targeting a plethora of different skin concerns, how do we make sustainable choices? Enter meeth, a luxury Japanese skincare brand, which might be the answer to our skincare junkie prayers. 

Viewing sustainability as a growing concern, meeth came up with a refill scheme. Instead of purchasing a whole new bottle once a product runs out, meeth now offers consumers the opportunity to purchase the refill tube instead. The Ceraderma Essence and the Twelement Day Cream from meeth both offer lightweight hydration, intense moisture and skin barrier repair and maintenance. What makes the Essence and Cream even better than their convenient, all-in-one factor, is that they both come in refillable packaging, reducing the amount of waste produced. 

Sustainability with meeth’s Environmentally-Friendly Skincare

Sustainability with meeth’s Environmentally-Friendly Skincare

Through this small change, meeth has managed to halve the amount of plastic waste that the Twelement Day Cream would have generated, and the Ceraderma Essence refill has saved 35% of potential plastic waste in only 3 months.

Every habit begins with a choice. In order to encourage customers to adopt sustainability, meeth is making the choice easier by offering 15% off on any purchase of Ceraderma Essence or Twelement Day Cream along with its respective refill.

Recognizing that consumer behavior is fast-changing and that e-commerce sales for skincare are rapidly increasing, meeth, which views sustainability as a growing concern, realized that it was now essential to revise their product and packaging design to reduce plastic consumption as much as possible. Hence, meeth came up with a refill scheme.

Instead of having consumers purchase entirely new products, meeth now offers, and encourages consumers to repurchase the corresponding product refill tubes instead. Not only is this more cost-effective, but it leads to a significant reduction in product waste packaging being sent to landfills as well. In just a matter of 3 months, meeth has managed to save 35% of potential plastic waste with the Ceraderma Essence refill, and halved the amount of potential plastic waste generated.

With a strong commitment to preserving our planet, meeth has also adopted and ensured that every packaging of theirs is FSC®-certified (Forest Stewardship Certified), protecting the lush forests that grace our planet as much as possible. 

Sustainability with meeth’s Environmentally-Friendly Skincare

meeth’s Ceraderma Essence

Ceraderma Essence (60g + 60g refill at $260)

The Ceraderma Essence is an ultra-soothing serum for all skin types, including sensitive skins. With a blend of ceramides, a type of naturally occurring lipids essential to a healthy skin barrier, alongside other soothing and hydrating ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate and Calendula Flower Extract, rest assured that your skin is kept nourished, healthy, and protected from daily environmental stressors.

Sustainability with meeth’s Environmentally-Friendly Skincare

meeth’s Twelement Day Cream

Twelement Day Cream (60g + 60g refill at $260)

An ultra-nourishing day cream that can finalize your morning skincare routine with a lightweight, non-greasy texture that is dry to the touch. A total of 12 different types of active ingredients are combined harmoniously to unleash your healthy glow and meet a wide array of needs. From lift-up, firmness, hydration to brightening and replenishment at all levels, Twelement Day Cream is designed for all types of skin.

With the new refill scheme, the Ceraderma Essence and Twelement Day Cream can now be kept in their original packaging and can be used over, and over again. Simply pop out the used cartridge in exchange for the new one – there is no need to completely disassemble everything in order to refill the products.

Currently, meeth is also running a Bundle Sale whereby customers can purchase the Ceraderma Essence or Twelement Day Cream along with its respective refill at 15% off!


About meeth

 “How you feel about your skin echoes throughout your entire life”. With this philosophy in mind, meeth strives to create every skincare product to be reminiscent of an elixir that revitalises both the body and mind. Making use of skin-nourishing ingredients alongside cutting-edge technology, meeth produces gentle yet effective products, while encouraging consumers to feel more confident in the skin that they are in. meeth guarantees that each product is of the highest quality, while at the same time ensuring that elements of sustainability are incorporated. From the ethical sourcing of ingredients to the way products are packaged, meeth is committed to improving both our skins, and the planet.

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