Are you struggling everyday to balance between both motherhood and career? Should you question which is your priority, family or business? Do you wish to spend more time with your children without worry about money? Do you want to have another child with worrying about your finances?

It is common for mothers to face mental, financial, and physical challenges when it comes to handling the responsibilities of careers as well as taking care of their children. Mothers are often struggling to find time for themselves. This sometimes result in post natal depression.

One end of the spectrum envisions mothers to be at home, caring for their children, and at the other end, mothers have the right to fight for their career successes. Guilt. Shame. Embarrassment. They’re the feelings that afflict working mothers.

We have all heard that motherhood is a thankless, underpaid job, right? Turns out, so is entrepreneurship. Mothers wear multiple hats. They have to take care of the kids, perform household chores, and attend to their spouse. A mom life is a juggling act. But if mothers turn down these responsibilities, chaos will ensue. Without the mother’s role, the family will become a circus as there is no one to guide and manage the daily activities. This is exactly how a business is.

Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs. Motherhood and Entrepreneurship both involve multi-tasking to make the entire operation run smoothly. If an entrepreneur were to leave her business for a few days without a team being in place, the business could probably be on the verge of failing. The same situation could happen if a mother left her household for a few days, she could come back home to a complete mess! Honesty, I feel that mothers are well equipped to step into the world of entrepreneurship. Momtrepreneurs will become the role models to many in this journey.


Kenneth Choo, Author of Mother Industrialist, agrees to this too. His goal is to help more mothers achieve both time and financial freedom. This will allow mothers to spend more time with their loved ones and children. His book, Mother Industrialist, helps mothers become entrepreneurs and perfects the balance between motherhood and business success. He shares how every mother can kick-start her business on a part-time basis, and inspiring readers through true stories of mother who have become successful Momtrepreneurs (Mother + Entrepreneur).

Kenneth Choo, Mother Industralist, Mompreneur, MomtrepreneurIf you are currently a mother who is keen to start your own business, the book will motivate you and show you how to empower yourself through entrepreneurship and to live life on your own terms. Meet fifteen successful Momtrepreneurs (including Jenny Lee, Founder of The Ladies Cue) in these pages and learn from their lives’ journeys!

With freedom in time and finances, you can escape the pressures of the working world. As Momtrepreneurs, you will now have the ability control the amount of time spent with your family, improve your financial situation and even plan for more children if you wish for!

Kenneth Choo, Mother Industralist, Mompreneur, MomtrepreneurAuthor Kenneth Choo is an entrepreneur and business/marketing consultant. He founded KC Creative Marketing in 2015, after working in the media marketing industry since 2004. He is very experienced in sales and marketing, especially in the parenting industry. Kenneth’s past experiences have enabled him to help his clients craft marketing strategies to outshine their competitors. His extensive network has also helped his clients reach out to more customers. Through his book, he offers advice on starting your own business and claiming the happiness you deserve.

Kenneth Choo, Mother Industralist, Mompreneur, MomtrepreneurThe choice is yours! Choose to live life on your own terms, to craft a future for yourself and your family that is emotionally and financially rewarding. Mother Industrialist will set you on that path to become successful momtrepreneurs and The Ladies Cue is here to support you!

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