Luxury skincare brand meeth’s Sonmi Launches Its Nourishing Silky Body Scrub
Alongside Local Influencer Jamie Yeo.

 meeth Launches Nourishing Silky Body Scrub

With much attention emphasized on skincare for the face, body care has often been left aside to fend for itself with limited options in the market. Now, Japanese luxury skincare
brand meeth has stepped into the body care space with the introduction of its Silky Body Scrub.

A new entrant to the brand’s line of gentle, skin-nourishing products. The Silky Body Scrub was showcased by meeth’s founder Sonmi and local influencer Jamie Yeo via an exclusive Zoom launch. The Silky Body Scrub is the brand’s first-ever product that gently rids dead skin cells on the body with ingredients to tighten the skin, add glow to the skin and prevent the buildup of rough skin.

meeth Launches Nourishing Silky Body Scrub

Conceptualized by Japanese celebrity and vociferous skincare advocate, Sonmi, meeth’s approach to skincare is backed by gentle ingredients with cutting-edge Japanese innovation to nourish the skin. The brand’s debut in body care with its Silky Body Scrub is no different from its lineup of facial skincare products to ensure that our bodies are tended with the same amount of care that has been given to the skin on our faces.

Unlike most body scrubs, which contain rough synthetic crystals for the scrubbing effect, the Silky Body Scrub differentiates itself from the rest of the products in the market with the use of sea salt. The use of sea salt comes with an extensive list of benefits for the skin. It is rich in minerals, rejuvenates the skin, and has an antibacterial effect.

To add to the feeling of luxury, meeth’s latest product foams up during use to offer a gentle body care experience in the shower, and can even be used with a loofah as a body wash daily!

The Silky Body Scrub contains apricot seeds as another key ingredient for the long-lasting beautifying appearance of the skin. It is also effective against acne, which comes in handy for those prone to body acne. For the tightening effect on the skin, the Silky Body Scrub also uses Hibamata extract found in rockweed. The magical ingredient hydrates and leaves the skin looking firm and shiny with a smooth finish.

meeth Launches Nourishing Silky Body Scrub

meeth Launches Nourishing Silky Body Scrub

meeth’s Silky Body Scrub – SGD 48 (180g)

Packed with rich minerals from sea salt, rockweed and apricot seeds, the Silky Body Scrub offers a gentle full-body experience to rid of dead skin cells with a relaxation effect to keep the skin looking shiny and smooth.

1. Wet your skin thoroughly before use.
2. Take an appropriate amount on the palm and gently massage the skin.
3. It is more effective if left as it is for a while. The blended natural ingredients will proceed to tighten and nourish the skin.
4. Finally, rinse with hot or cold water and enjoy the smooth finish on the skin.

meeth products are available to purchase at their official website and on Lazada.

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About meeth

Founded by Japanese celebrity and skincare aficionado Sonmi, meeth’s approach to skincare is grounded in gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients and the endless, new abilities of advanced technology. It embodies the very best of cutting-edge Japanese innovation, bringing together timeless solutions and high-tech procedures that few other companies have utilised.