Create everlasting cone-nections and celebrate the sweetest bonds as you fall in love time and time again at Museum of Ice Cream.

Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) Singapore was the perfectly pink spot to celebrate my sweetest relationships on Valentine’s Day, with limited edition offerings and frosty promotions! You have to be there next year!

We celebrated our love with unlimited ice cream in the pinkest playscape, with limited edition Valentine’s additions which made our day even sweeter!

Lock In Love With Perfect Pairings

Lock in Love Valentine’s Day - Museum of Ice Cream’s Perfect Pairings

Gift Bundle from Museum of Ice Cream

During our time there, we received an exclusive Valentine’s experience bundle available for $22, originally priced at $39. This bundle includes a Love Sundae, Sprinkle Bowl, two sweet Gift Shop items, and a heart lock for pledging wishes to each other in the museum, similar to the tradition on the Parisian lock bridge.

Lock in Love Valentine’s Day - Museum of Ice Cream’s Perfect Pairings

Free Ice Cream from Denzy at the Museum of Ice Cream

We started our special day in a pink fantasy playscape filled with unlimited ice cream, and  bonded with our sweetest companion through spontaneous activities that challenged our knowledge of each other.

Make Valentine’s Day Extra Sweet With Treats and Gifts

Lock in Love Valentine’s Day - Museum of Ice Cream’s Perfect Pairings

Love Sundae at Scream’s Diner

After indulging in the delightful treats and charming gifts, we savored a second serving of love at Scream’s Diner and MOIC’s Dessert Bar. Additionally, we were also offered a 50% discount on the second item at MOIC’s gift shop, with the lower-priced item discounted! 

Lock in Love Valentine’s Day - Museum of Ice Cream’s Perfect Pairings

Ticket wristband from Museum of Ice Cream

Thankful to have created cherished memories with my loved one this Valentine’s Day at MOIC. Tickets include free-flow ice cream throughout your experience. Secure your tickets at tickets.museumoficecream.sg.

For more information, visit https://tickets.museumoficecream.sg/, or follow @museumoficecreamsg and #moicsg on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for the latest updates. Keep a keen eye on MOIC’s newsletter for exclusive promotions and exciting updates! To sign up for the MOIC newsletter, please visit https://www.museumoficecream.com/getthelatestscoop/.

Museum of Ice Cream is located at 100 Loewen Road, Dempsey, Singapore 248837.

Opening hours:

Monday & Wednesday: 10am-6pm (Last timeslot at 4pm)
Thursday-Sunday: 10am–9pm (Last timeslot at 7pm)

About MuseumOf Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream, founded by Figure8, is a global lifestyle brand recognized around the world for designing award winning, multi-sensory experiential developments. MOIC has welcomed millions of visitors to its fully immersive, interactive spaces that create connection through the universal power of ice cream. With locations in Austin, Chicago, New York City, and Singapore, Museum of Ice Cream remains a pioneer in the experience first industry, continuing to develop unique concepts that provoke wonder and creativity. Each inclusive and interactive environment is designed to inspire imagination and play, helping to rediscover the kid in us all.

About Figure8

Figure8 is an experience-first development company that takes the unimaginable and turns it into the tangible. Putting human connection at the forefront, the company creates experiums-places outside of distraction, away from expectation and beyond inhibition.

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