Improve your Self-Care Routine by Taking Care of Both your Vulva and Lashes with Strip x Browhaus

Improve your Self-Care Routine by Taking Care of Both your Vulva and Lashes with Strip x Browhaus

Lash Resurrection

Lash Resurrection is a new treatment that uses the combination of Browhaus’ proprietary techniques, machine, and potent lash regrowth serum to give lashes the boost for growth by nourishing the hair follicles on the lash line, resulting in visibly longer, fuller lashes.

The salon-grade treatment deters lashes from falling off prematurely by strengthening the lash follicles using a proprietary machine, thus maintaining the new lashes for longer periods of time. This targeted, machine-based service gently prompts the natural lashes for more substantial growth with great comfort.

With our busy schedules as ladies, it is not easy to find time to ensure our lashes stay healthy. Lash Resurrection was a time-saver for me and I was completely blown by how relaxing the treatment can be since I would take a nap while the treatment is ongoing. There was absolutely no downtime and minimal maintenance, investing a mere 60 minutes once a month over the course of three months can help achieve real results with visibly longer and denser lashes. My lashes managed to grow around 3mm in just 3 months!

Post-treatment maintenance can also be easily incorporated into your daily skincare routine, by simply applying Browhaus’ Extend Lash & Brow Growth serum at night before going to bed, which is now my new night routine to protect my lashes.

Available at selected Browhaus outlets, a single Lash Resurrection session is priced at $280; three to six sessions (with proper usage of post-treatment products) at one-month intervals are recommended to yield better results.

Rosebud Vajuvenation

Improve your Self-Care Routine by Taking Care of Both your Vulva and Lashes with Strip x Browhaus

Improve your Self-Care Routine by Taking Care of Both your Vulva and Lashes with Strip x Browhaus

Other than taking care of your lashes, your vulva will also need to be taken care of to ensure that it stays youthful!

As the vulva care experts, STRIP is constantly a step ahead, pioneering and paving the way in the vulva care industry. Rosebud Vajuvenation is a revolutionary treatment that uses a proprietary machine, specially formulated to help women maintain optimal skin health and radiance on the vulva at any stage in their lives.

Rosebud Vajuvenation curbs the effects of aging by helping to lift, tighten and improve the overall health of the vulva’s skin. Using a unique Thermal O2 technology that combines radio frequency, gentle suction, and heat, paired with STRIP’s proprietary technique, the treatment speeds up and aids the body’s natural collagen production from deep within the dermis layer, restoring radiance to the skin while tightening it and also achieving a visible reduction in fine lines.

Similar to the Lash Resurrection, the treatment was smooth and relaxing, lasting only 30 minutes, and finished with a hydrating mask to soothe the skin post-treatment. It will give a warm sensation to your vulva and feels like a special massage to increase the blood flow in that area.

The treatment is non-invasive, safe, and comfortable with no downtime, so it is the perfect midday pick-me-up for busy individuals who are looking to pamper themselves. Experience noticeable results from the first session; upon completion of 8 sessions, there will be a significant improvement to the skin laxity around the vulva area, visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines as well as an evening out of skin tone for a radiant glow.

Rosebud Vajuvenation is best done on hair-free skin and can be included as an add-on option post-AFT or Brazilian wax.

STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment is available at all Strip outlets and is priced at $250 for a single session and $1,600 for a package of 8 sessions.

About Browhaus

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The Naked Truth About STRIP: Ministry of Waxing

STRIP, the Vulva Specialist, has been around since 2002. We’ve grown since and are keeping things smooth in 11 cities worldwide, where we’ve pruned and waxed a staggering four million bushes (and counting). We do it all while abiding by our HSQ mantra: Hygiene, Speed, and Quality, and we were the first to introduce the ‘No Double Dipping’ commandment (our Hygiene Packs come in handy, containing disposal waxing equipment conveniently sealed into individual pouches for each customer). We are also particularly famous for our secret recipe lotions and wax formulations.