On 26 January 2024, K-Space had its debut event “K-pop Rewind’ in Singapore at Hard Rock Cafe, giving us an unforgettable night of nostalgia, love, and epic beats with a touch of K-magic. They have created a safe space where fans can unite, dance, and go crazy, singing along to their favourite K-Pop hits!

K-Space is the first entity in Singapore that curates dynamic day and night K-Pop events. Beyond events, they are an immersive centralised hub curated for K-Pop enthusiasts. With this new concept, we aim to foster camaraderie amongst K-Pop lovers of all ages in Singapore.

K-Space - Singapore’s First One Stop K-Pop Hub

K-pop fans dancing to K-pop Hits@Hard Rock Cafe

For day events, patrons can expect K-Pop live markets, dance festivals, merchandise bazaars, and K-Pop fitness challenges for the day, and events like movie screenings, drinking challenges, KBBQs, and raves for the night! With the variety of experiences, these events serve as an exciting social event to bring the K-Pop community together.

Stay tuned for more updates with K-Space’s telegram channel (@K-SPACE) where they will provide the latest news on any upcoming K-Space events, whether you’re looking for a lively daytime gathering or an electrifying night out, they’ve got you covered. 

For more information on K-Space, please visit their Instagram @k.spacesg.

About K-Space

We are committed to fostering a sense of community and providing a platform to curate unforgettable experiences that transcend K-pop lovers into a vibrant world of music, dance, and community.

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