As the world copes with the challenge of the Covid-19 crisis, Evolve MMA is giving the Martial Arts community a massive boost, offering a full-schedule of daily online sessions that everyone can avail of, free of charge. These free home workouts can be very useful for all individuals who are staying at home or working from home, to ensure that they continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

With four locations across Singapore, the award-winning franchise has become a haven for combat sports students and fitness enthusiasts across the globe, providing world-class training for global superstars and beginners alike. With the global pandemic creating a massive void in people’s lives, Evolve sought a way to fill it.

Looking to hit the ground running, the free home workouts from Evolve will start from Monday evening March 30th. Participants from around the world are invited to learn from some of the most elite coaches in the game.

Evolve MMA, Mixed Martial ArtsAs Asia’s premier brand for Martial Arts training, Evolve MMA boasts more World Champions than any other gym on the planet. Memberships are highly sought-after, so this will provide a golden opportunity for students wishing to enhance their skills under the tutelage of some true Martial Arts masters.

With over 1,000 years of championship experience, Evolve MMA’s instructors should help make days of isolation a positive experience.

Evolve MMA, Mixed Martial ArtsConstantly looking to share immense Martial Arts and fitness knowledge with the world, Evolve MMA’s latest Facebook posts offer a glimpse into the incredible wealth of information available. With World Champions in every major discipline, Evolve MMA is the perfect source with which to either start or continue one’s Martial Arts and fitness journey.

The Ladies Cue hopes that with these free home workouts, you are able to continue to meet your fitness goals for 2020. Try them and let us know your experience goes!