On 31 August 2019, SKECHERS Friendship walk came back for a second run. It was a fun day of family bonding and team spirit, along the backdrop of a Marina Bay Sand’s picturesque cityscape. 

The 4km long non-competitive walk is set along a scenic route, aiming to bring participants to pass by iconic landmarks such as the Helix Bridge, Merlion, Esplanade Theatres, and more. The event had a good turnout, and many attended to enjoy the pleasant evening with their family. The walk off flagged off at 5.15pm. En-route, participants can also take part in team challenges, such as the wheelbarrow challenge and an obstacle course – hopscotch style (but in tyres).

What’s notable is not only the fun and team bonding among friends and family, but also that people came together to support a cause for good. SKECHERS Singapore had partnered the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) to donate $1 with every registration received, to help supported children and people with special needs. These funds will then be used in purchasing shoes for needy APSN Alumni.

The walk itself was pretty easy to complete, which is great for young or old folks to participate in. We collected our finisher’s medal to commemorate our walk, whilst also refreshing ourselves with a bottle of fruit juice and water, which they were giving out toward the end of the walk.

The side activities are also where you can enjoy popular old school games and traditional Singaporean snacks, drawing out nostalgic childhood memories and building more team memories that you can look back upon. Games included paper tic-tac-toe, popular arcade game: Bishi Bashi (one of our favourites), a three-legged race, carom board and a timed jigsaw puzzle and an all-kids favourite: Dragon Playground bouncy castle. Many were also queuing up for awesome childhood food items, such as potong ice cream, kachang puteh and more!

Photography lovers will also love the instagram-worthy photobooths, where they can pose on a trishaw and the iconic old school orange and white bus stop, which you don’t get to see many of nowadays.

Finally, the event ended with a simple cool-down session by Gold’s Gym, also one of the event sponsors, and a highly anticipated lucky draw, which saw the winners win a one year’s free supply of SKECHERS products.

In addition, we also enjoyed the awesome vintage SKECHERS ‘schoolbag’ we received, which was filled with goodies such Marigold drinks, elkali alkaline water, discount coupons from SKECHERS, GNC, LiHO Tea, AMORE Fitness and Gold’s Gym.

We had so much fun that day, all thanks to SKECHERS Singapore for the invitation for this very well organised SKECHERS Friendship Walk 2019.


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