It is with great pleasure to announce that Ladies Club SG has been rebranded to The Ladies Cue. My team and I had been working on this new phase for months and we hope you enjoy the new interphase and we seek your understanding if we are not meeting your demands at this moment. 

We aim to improve and continue to bring content to you ladies through our social media platforms and our website, www.theladiescue.com. 

I had received many phone calls, messages, emails regarding this new brand. Thank you so much to those who have kept in contact! Thank you for showing your love and support, and especially to close friends who had showed their concern regarding a brand new partnership with our COO, Melissa Tan. Of course, there is a story to tell behind every new brand. So here is my story. 


This is me, Jenny Lee

I was not born with a silver spoon and had led an ordinary life. I always feel like I am a nobody and I believe that with hard work, I will be successful someday. I started work since I was 17 years old and had never stopped since then. From sales to printing and publishing and many more, I was always keen to learn and become a better version of myself, so that with the skills that I have, I can pass it on to someone who can benefit from it.

Since 2012, I had been a marketer and a business consultant across the Asia markets. I had seen the potentials of how women can contribute to our society. I had always wanted to bridge clients and communities together to work on corporate social responsibility programs/ projects. Not just to make a living but yet to ignite every lady’s dream and passion. 

In March 2018, I was going through a pretty rough time of my life. There was a lot going on at that moment which made me mentally and physically drained. I became unhappy and could not find much positivity to continue what I had to do. Perhaps some of you who are feeling this way would understand how difficult it is to go through bad times like this. I had to take into consideration my health (if you could recall, I had a really bad fall at home) and domestic issues, which I then came to a conclusion to give up both Ladies Club SG & the management of SG Baby Club. With this sudden decision, there were people who couldn’t understand my decision which led to some misunderstandings. I kept a lot of things to myself but I am extremely grateful that I have my family and friends to support me during that cause of time. 

Everything happens for a reason, and yes, along this tough journey, whenever there is a thought of  giving up everything I had going on, there would be so many people telling me “never give up!” My close friends, and even clients, told me that it was time to take a break and slow down. “You have a kind heart and many people like you. You have an innovative mind and dare to create sparks. Do not give up, when there’s a will, there will be away,” they would say. Through all these encouragements, I gave my best to get out of my house and appear for events, sometimes, I would take out all the strength that I have and become a speaker for that event. It was so heart-warming to realize that a lot of ladies still love to have a community that they could be a part of, doesn’t matter what backgrounds they were from. 

Playing multiple roles as a lady, I have high expectations of myself to perform. I have very little time for myself. As a lady, I want to retain my individuality while doing the things I enjoy – I enjoy empowering ladies to unleash their full potential through healthy, harmonious, and well-balanced lifestyle choices. Therefore, I felt the need to adequately address the needs of the ladies from different backgrounds: Single or married ladies, full-time-working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, mompreneurs etc. Initiatives will be carried out through various channels, revolving around personal development; holistic health and wellness; beauty and fashion etc.


 Partnership with The Ladies Cue

I met Melissa through an introduction from our common friend, Joey. I believe if you had read the blog “Birth of the Ladies Cue”, you would have known how this friendship has begun. After multiple conversations with Melissa, I learned that she hones multiple skills and holds many roles in her life and career. Being multitalented and multifaceted like a diamond, she has been a highly sought after partner in many businesses to smoothen out their work processes. 

Melissa graduated from Biomedical Science and had majored in Pharmaceutical Science. Because she wanted to pursue the dream of traveling the world, she chose to work for Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant. To date, she enjoys traveling and exchanging cultures with foreigners. I am excited as she brings all of her travel adventures to everyone through The Ladies Cue!

After flying for 3 years, Melissa went into the sales and marketing industry and had remained in the same industry for more than a decade. Using what she had learned from school, workshops, and training to upgrade her skill sets, she became a wellness consultant that helped patients with lifestyle issues get healthier. She has helped many people from as young as 18 to as senior as 70 with their health issues. During that period, she also committed her free time to help tertiary students (age 17 to 21) step out of their comfort zones to pursue the dreams that they had. The community built through her efforts in the year 2013 continues till today as the alumni carry on her legacy. Her second debut was helping to build another similar organization for a group of senior ladies. 

Melissa happened to come to me at my lowest peak. I remembered vividly that I did not want to meet people or talk to anyone about my down moments. However, her sincerity and kindness moved me. She is not only young and dynamic, she knows what she wants, and how to achieve her goals. Melissa knows that by building The Ladies Cue with me, she would have to face a lot of challenges, get on the ground and get work done, as well as go through lots of brainstorming phases. We both even agreed that we are not likely to make an income for the first year at least. I hope to build a right performing attitude from the start instead of painting beautiful pictures. I knew I had to work with someone who can strive me through thick and thin with me, and to me, that is Melissa. 

I strongly believe that a women’s community is definitely going to make strong waves in the global economy and socially. Form the right team, build the beliefs and business models, by then we are ready to go further with the right mindsets to grow and help people. When women are healthy and happy, their families will benefit. These are important elements to contribute to success in all aspects of life.

I enjoy working with Melissa because she speaks her mind all the time and is willing to make her utmost effort to seek a CHANGE with a good cause! To date, I remember Melissa saying this: “Alone, we can do so little; Together we can do so much. I truly believe that when ladies come together to support each other, the potential is limitless.” With our aligned passions and dreams, we decided to come together and better serve the ladies’ community from all walks of life and all across Asia. With the community’s new look and the new brand, we hope that The Ladies Cue, which is A Lifestyle Community, prompts the ladies to support and empower each other. The ladies will “cue” each other in the journey towards true happiness, self-care, and self-love.

Hence, with this rebranding, The Ladies Cue is coming back with a bigger and savvier team to value add the lives of more ladies in Asia.


The Ladies Cue Campaign on the Ladies Empowerment

“As a lady, what do you really want?”

This thought-provoking question was posted to 11 social media influencers and media personalities. To some, it was not an easy feat as they have to answer this question within a sentence. In fact, many had to take a step back to reflect.


“I want it all.” Says Michelle Hon, a popular author and mompreneur that goes by the name of “The Chill Mom”. It was evident that many ladies want a good balance between families and careers, and they want to empower other ladies so that everyone in the ladies’ community can rise together.


This is in line with what The Ladies Cue believes in – a prompt from one lady to another. With a snap of a finger, the ladies can be reminded to award time for their own wellbeing. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. By lifting each other up, we ladies in Asia can be empowered with the love for ourselves before taking care of the needs of our loved ones.

These campaign videos are shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter of The Ladies Cue. On behalf of my team, we are very grateful for all the support from our media friends and family. We are partnering with Colour Curation, who will assist The Ladies Cue in this transformation. With this new look and feel, we hope we can engage more ladies to be part of A Lifestyle Community.


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