As compact as a small power bank, the Powershot ZOOM is a handy outdoor companion to enjoy and capture family activities such as hiking and wildlife watching. Users will never miss the action as they can zoom into three modes, snap a quick photo, and even record the moment instantly.

Canon announced the launch of the PowerShot ZOOM, a pocket-sized digital monocular camera designed for those who want to zoom into and capture precious moments from afar quickly and conveniently.

Whether it’s enjoying the flora and fauna in nature parks, having a closer look at the animals in the Safaris, or even simply capturing children playing at the playground from afar, the PowerShot ZOOM’s three modes of magnification lets users zoom into the moment quickly without missing out on the action.

Weighing only 145g, the PowerShot ZOOM is as light and as compact as most of the smaller power banks, making it very convenient for users to store in the pocket and bring it along for outdoor activities. Users can also operate the PowerShot ZOOM fully with just one hand.

With just three buttons for the main navigation, it is simple to use and can be enjoyed by anyone in the family. Be it children who want to zoom in on the panda at Singapore’s River Safari, or parents who want to capture their children’s growth.

Simple, Fun, and Easy to Use

Zooming, shooting, and recording on the PowerShot ZOOM is straightforward and fast. Pressing the zoom button located at the top of the device creates zoom in three modes (100m, 400m, and 800m magnification) instantly. To take a photo or record a video, simply press the photo or record button at the bottom of the device.

The PowerShot ZOOM also sports a telescopic design and comes with autofocus and image stabilisation, which provides a comfortable viewing experience during prolonged use. The features also let users easily capture clearer shots.

Designed to be used on the go, the PowerShot ZOOM can be charged via the supplied Type-C to Type-C interface cable with a compatible charger or power bank (sold separately). A full battery charge provides approximately 60 minutes of movie record time, 150 still shots, and a live viewing time of 70 minutes. The PowerShot ZOOM uses a microSD card as storage media.

Photo Sharing Made Easy

Connect the Powershot ZOOM to the Canon Camera Connect app to view photos in real-time and easily share the photos across social media platforms.

For easy sharing on various social media platforms, images recorded on the PowerShot ZOOM can be transferred to a smartphone via Canon’s Camera Connect app wirelessly or via wired USB. With the Camera Connect app, users can perform remote shooting and share the images being viewed in real-time, on a smartphone with family and friends.

When the PowerShot ZOOM is connected to a smartphone via a wired USB cable, it is recognized as a USB mass storage device, and images can be imported into the smartphone.

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