Parenting isn’t easy, but modern-day parenthood is a whole new ball game. My two little princesses remind me of that every single day.

One of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking milestones on a parent’s journey is the child’s transition into the teenage years. Our once cute and clueless babies are now young adolescents craving for independence, attention and exciting new experiences.

So what stance should a modern-day parent adopt? How do we play our part, without holding our children back?


Let’s face it. With the advent of social media, our teenage kids might be more in sync with what’s happening in the world. While we might feel the need to share our experiences and protect them from their mistakes, there’s nothing wrong with letting them face challenges on their own. By experiencing failure, our children will better learn to navigate the world around us. Give them space to try and fail, but let them know we’ll be here to catch them, should they fall.


This sounds counter-intuitive, but it works: We make a better parent by being a friend to our child.

Have you liked your teenage son’s latest #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) on Instagram? Or helped your teenage daughter organise a slumber party?

By being a part of our children’s life, we show our support for what they do – without being too intrusive.


Life is good now, but we all have to make plans for rainy days. It’s important to ensure that our children are well provided for financially, now and in the years to come.

This can be done in many ways: Setting aside money in a deposit account. Building up our investment portfolio for

future returns. Ensuring we have sufficient CPF contributions for our children’s tertiary education.

Alternatively, you can insure your child from the start. The payouts over the years can be used to fund your child’s lifestyle expenses, or saved for his or her education. Additionally, these insurance plans could also preserve your wealth over generations.

Remember that our role as parents is ever-evolving. But as long as we approach our children with the purest love and intentions, there’ll always be bliss and harmony in the house.

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