Singapore’s trusted Home Grown Jeweller, Poh Heng, is reaffirming its core values with its new brand philosophy: ‘Created for Love’. With a legacy that spans seven decades, Poh Heng Jewellery is paying homage to its heritage and trusted customer base with this campaign.

Foo Fang Rong

Azura Goh

Eswari Gunasagar

With local familiar Singaporean faces Foo Fang Rong, Azura Goh and Eswari Gunasagar fronting the campaign, the brand has selected this trio of inspiring women to showcase key pieces from the collections. Representing local brides of various ethnicities, the three women exemplify the iconic spirit of Poh Heng Jewellery’s ability to harness tradition in transformative life experiences that make up its identity.

Alongside the ‘Created for Love’ campaign, the brand is introducing its new Bridal Collection, crafted with the brand’s exclusive 18K, 22K and 24K gold. Complementing any skin tone, the pieces pair well with a range of looks, making them a versatile investment with an abundance of styling mileage.

Highlights of the new collection include three exclusive Si Dian Jing sets that incorporate traditional Chinese motifs: Dragon Phoenix to symbolise the perfect match, Mandarin Ducks to symbolise soulmates and Double Happiness (Xi) to represent matrimonial bliss. Poh Heng Jewellery will also be introducing modern Indian beaded designs in yellow and white gold as well as buttery rich 24K gold Malay wedding jewellery sets.

As Singapore’s leader in gold jewellery since 1936, their strong belief in hand-crafted jewellery quality for fine jewellery has never been compromised. Their dedication to quality is every piece comes to bear the lion’s head logo – Singapore’s hallmark for gold purity certified by the Singapore Assay Office (SAO).

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