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Unlock The Secretto Infinite Possibilities with TWO L(I)PS Sun & Moon, The Duo of Mood Enhancers

Unlock The Secret to Infinite Possibilities with TWO L(I)PS Sun & Moon, The Duo of Mood Enhancers

TWO L(I)PS announces its newest product line with Sun & Moon, possibly the first of its kind – a duo of mood enhancers created especially for use around the vulva area and can also be applied to the rest of the body. The pair can be worn separately or layered together to create unlimited scents and possibilities.

Previewed at the TWO L(I)PS flagship store opening last December, this intimate skincare brand’s long-awaited latest additions join the extensive range of products and mark the brand’s entrance into the world of wellness and aromatherapy for the vulva area. Harnessing goodness from superfoods such as ginseng and maca root to promote qi, the vital energy that circulates the body constantly, Sun & Moon are more than just fragrances – the mood enhancers are specially crafted from ingredients of the highest qualities to uplift vitality and dispel negative, stagnant energy.

Furthermore, the ingredients contain pheromones, which are known to also boost libido, potentially helping users to feel more confident about themselves while enhancing their sensuality.

Sun & Moon are created to enhance the mood and evoke emotions through scents. Heighten the aura by applying Sun or Moon on its own or with the art of layering, and unlock unlimited unique scents depending on the quantity of each scent applied. Polar yet complimentary, Sun & Moon are the perfect signifiers of what femininity and modern women represent; adaptable, and versatile yet upholding a sense of individuality and uniqueness. Diversity is also similarly emphasized in the fragrance application and product packaging.

Sun & Moon – Accompany and Uplift the Mood at Every Step of Your Way

“Being the advocate in self-care, I strive to continuously break boundaries with innovative ideas. Sun & Moon are conceptualized to complete a daily skincare and wellness routine. I’ve always believed in holistic wellness and the benefits of aromatherapy; I’ve also constantly been fascinated by how I can utilize natural ingredients and harvest the life force of plants to create a love perfume. Sun & Moon are designed to be used in the day and at night, with Sun being uplifting and bright to start the day with while Moon is mystifying and alluring, perfect to introduce the mysterious side of us with a hint of sensuality. TWO L(I)PS is stepping into the realm of wellness, pushing boundaries in creating the first-of-its-kind mood enhancer that focuses on the olfactory senses. They are called mood enhancers for a reason – not only do you feel better when the scent around is enhanced, but you also benefit from the ingredients that we used like ginseng and maca root for a boost in energy and provoke positive emotions. Most importantly, the mood enhancers can be blended into daily routines to pamper and love your vulva more.” says TWO L(I)Ps founder, Cynthia Chua.

Harnessing the life force of plants, Sun & Moon contains the adaptogenic herb maca root and the well-known superfood ginseng to boost energy as well as endurance, elevate the mood and uplift spirits.

Two Lips, One Sun, Infinite Possibilities

Unlock The Secret to Infinite Possibilities with TWO L(I)PS Sun & Moon, The Duo of Mood Enhancers


Create new beginnings by starting the day with Sun. A signifier of new opportunities, Sun uplifts the mood and sets the day on a bright note. Designed with a vintage spray nozzle and cushion-y puff, Sun exudes femininity and passion while alluding to infinite possibilities. The soft packaging reflects the diversity of the bottle (and scent), standing out as a centerpiece, and can easily be sprayed around the room to enhance the mood of the overall environment.

Sun’s fragrance notes include:
● Top notes: Galbanol and Bergamot
● Mid notes: Coconut, Rose, Chamomile, Tuberose
● Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla

Two Lips, One Moon, Untold Mysteries


Transition into the night and glow with the mysterious Moon, as the smoldering scent draws out the sensual and alluring side of women. Designed as a balm, Moon is discreet and a great addition to women’s accessories not just for its lasting scent but also for the portability to carry it on the go. The easy and convenient application is perfect for enhancing and prolonging the mystifying scent.

The mystical Moon’s fragrance notes include:
● Top notes: Star anise, Cardamom, Geranium
● Mid notes: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
● Base notes: Smokey leather, Vanilla, White pepper

The Art of Layering Scents – Harnessing The Power of Both Sun & Moon

Unlock The Secret to Infinite Possibilities with TWO L(I)PS Sun & Moon, The Duo of Mood Enhancers

TWO L(I)PS Sun & Moon

Layering is an art and a truly aromatic ritual that can be as straightforward or as complex as that adds depth to the intensity of the scent while allowing it to linger. Sun & Moon, unlocks limitless possibilities by layering two polar yet complimentary scents based on the mood of the day, creating a unique fragrance profile.

Starting with Moon as the base, the balm helps with adherence and strengthens the scent with application* on various key areas on the body – stomach, lower abdomen, inner thighs, pulse points, behind ears, inside of wrists, and behind knees. These warm spots emit extra body heat, which helps to diffuse the scent naturally while maintaining its longevity. Layer with spritz of Sun over Moon to complete the wellness regime and the fragrance profile of the day. Depending on the person’s body temperature and the skin’s pH level, the final scent will also differ, creating a truly one-of-a-kind scent as Sun and Moon blend together.

*Patch tests are recommended when using new products on the body.

Experience the Infinite Mysteries of Sun & Moon Today

Come and experience Sun and Moon at the TWO L(I)PS flagship store where our team will be on hand to share more about the art of layering. Purchase Sun and Moon at $220 and $120 respectively; or as a bundle at $280, available now at both the flagship and online stores.

These new additions from the brand will continue the conversation from Voyage To The Vulva-Verse, a movement kick-started by STRIP and TWO L(I)PS last year, pushing boundaries and encouraging all to join an honest conversation on vulva-care and vulva-love.

Unlock The Secret to Infinite Possibilities with TWO L(I)PS Sun & Moon, The Duo of Mood Enhancers

TWO L(I)PS flagship store

The TWO L(I)PS flagship store is located at ION Orchard, #B3-37, open from Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm.

About TWO L(I)PS

TWO L(I)PS is the world’s first luxury intimate care brand, developed by the global authority in vulva care with 21 years of industry experience. TWO L(I)PS disrupts and redefines the intimate care space with cutting-edge products helmed by Queen of Vulva, Cynthia Chua. In 2021, TWO L(I)PS launched its flagship store in ION Orchard, the first ever physical store in Singapore specialising in intimate care products.

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