U-Hair Offers The Future Of Hair Salons: With New Interactive A.I. Technology

U-Hair Offers The Future Of Hair Salons: With New Interactive A.I. Technology

As ladies, perfect haircuts are honestly very hard to achieve whenever we try to copy a popular style without knowing whether it suits us or not. We may worry that the style we picked out won’t turn out to be what we had in mind, and that makes us a little conscious when visiting a hair salon.

However, U-hair has started to use technology to their advantage by having their mirrors installed with JìNG, a realistic and personalized augmented reality experience that uses patented technology to precisely map and analyze data to provide customers with accurate and personalized hair recommendations in real life, making U-Hair the first hair salon in Singapore to integrate the SMART A.I. Mirror to seamlessly smooth out their hair consultation process.

U-Hair Offers The Future Of Hair Salons: With New Interactive A.I. Technology

U-Hair Offers The Future Of Hair Salons: With New Interactive A.I. Technology

JìNG helps to transform existing mirrors into new spaces to display information, animation, and other forms of content that are both interactive and AI-powered. The integration of SMART A.I. Mirrors functions as a seamless consultation for hairstylists and consultants to communicate with their customers, providing more details, accuracies, and variations based on their age, lifestyle, outfits, and more. One of JìNG’s features is being able to store information about the hairstylist and their past portfolio to share with their customers. JìNG is also easily able to show and educate its customers on their suitable hairstyles. I was able to identify my own suitable hairstyle with the help of both the mirror and their hairstylists!

U-Hair Offers The Future Of Hair Salons: With New Interactive A.I. Technology

Other than just having SMART A.I. mirrors, U-Hair provides comfort to both hairstylists and customers with the use of TAKARA BELMONT LUAR Salon Chairs that combines first-class comfort with superb operability that enables their hairstylists to work smoothly and efficiently. The chairs are compactly equipped with a full flat reclining mechanism that helps to distribute body pressure during shampooing and relieves stress on the neck, and other useful functions, all to enhance the quality and value of salon services. Honestly one of the most comfortable chairs that I have sat on in a hair salon! Definitely recommended to try it out during their treatments!

U-Hair Offers The Future Of Hair Salons: With New Interactive A.I. Technology

Aside from having their usual basin area, U-Hair also uses TAKARA BELMONT YUME OASIS Backwash Unit to carry comfortably around the salon for greater freedom to their customers and salon! It helps to create private time, space, and freedom. 

U-Hair currently sits at 968.75sqft, has 8 seats available, 1 VVIP room, which showcases both their premium automated chairs and backwash units, and has 3 basin areas for their regular customers. On top of their tech-savvy, advanced equipment, U-Hair also offers a hair and/or scalp treatment curated just for their customers.

Viege Treatment

Viege Treatment is a treatment that provides anti-aging solutions to the scalp and hair, with the use of ingredients such as Chia seed oil, Quinoa seed oil and Pistachio seed oil. The menu is simply designed to create beautiful, bouncy hair so that clients can enjoy their hairstyles more. 

One session of Viege Treatment is priced at S$318, before GST.

Viege Active

Viege Active targets the scalp and conditions it to become a healthy scalp to restore the suppleness and resilience of the hair. Viege Active ensures that the ingredients work effectively and loosens the tension on the head by massaging it to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood that builds up from the thinning of the scalp.

For individuals with dry scalp, they use the Soothing Suppli and for individuals with scalps that lack vitality, U-Hair would recommend the Vital Suppli to vitalize and moisturize the scalp.

One session of Viege Activeis priced at S$288, before GST.

Step into an avant-garde, technological-driven hair salon and allow the future to provide your hair and scalp the best treatments they deserve with U-Hair!

U-Hair is currently located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 1 Jurong West Central 2, #02-20F, Singapore 648886.

Website: www.uhair.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uhairsg
Instagram: www.instagram.com/uhairsg
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@uhairsg

About U-Hair

Established in 2021, U-Hair is the first hair salon representative to integrate the U- Era, the use of the Internet and SMART A.I. Technology to evolve the hair industry. With the advancement and integration, U-Hair wants to transform both hairstylist’s and customers’ way of communication. U-Hair is a premium hair salon that strives to be the avant-garde salon that invests in quality, time, and confidence in our products and services.


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