The sun is shining a different kind of light today. Azure blue skies beckon as the breeze tingles your skin with excitement. It’s the perfect day to be out and your body have been screaming for a long overdue workout. Decked in your activewear and of course, your most flattering sports bra to pump up your vigor, you step outside! Yes, you’ve made it!

Soon, every vice of a workout starts to come back to you. Horrors of horrors, you soon feel the dreaded abrasion from the protruding underwires. Drenched in sweat, your chest area starts to feel a little claustrophobic and suffocated as your bra soaks up your perspiration… OH NO, it is not even staying in place! At this point, you might actually give up on the workout entirely and start thinking about what to have for lunch instead.

What a way to celebrate the good weather. All the could haves!

– The above is an illustration of a lady’s struggles with a typical insufferable sports bra that can never really hit all the right marks at the same time. I am sure I am not the only one who finds it difficult to find a secure sports bra that does not give me a frumpy uni-boob look!

As if to answer our biggest sports outfit questions, this summer, Triumph released her best range of sports bras yet. The new Triaction by Triumph has been certified for bounce control by the University of Portsmouth, a world-renowned Research Group in Breast Health. You will definitely find your perfect fit as these bras cater to different activity levels for all ladies, offering both functionality and style at the same time with no trade-offs.

To test the bounce-absorption quality of these bras, an event was hosted by Triumph, in conjunction with Shape Singapore, at Bounce Singapore Cineleisure for an afternoon of fun workouts on trampolines! Out of curiosity and biasness towards purples, I picked the Magic Motion WHP bra which comes in purple with under bust strap. It is 65% certified bounce control and extra support. Even better with a feminine sweetheart neckline and colored shoulder straps.

Triumph Triaction Sports Bra_1

Triumph Triaction Sports Bra_2

Let’s just say, I severely underestimated the impact of the trampolines. It was an exhilarating workout with all the jumping and the planks on the constantly moving ground.

There were a few times I’ve had to adjust the straps here and there which were entirely understandable since I was using a Studio Bra for a cardio workout! In fact, I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised that my Studio Bra had not once threatened to give way given the high impact from the workout.


Triumph Triaction Sports Bra_3

After the workout session, we were treated to a healthy spread of acai bowls, raw superfood chocolate truffle bites, pressed juices and other snacks while we get to know more about the collection and the designs available.

Employing 3D Powertech processes, the collection fuses multiple layers for overall anti-bounce compression, maximum support and yet offers pliable comfort. Inspired by Triumph’s best selling lingeries and Magic Motion Air technology, the result is a bra that is adaptable to your curves. It also offers maximum support through the clever use of shock absorption yet quick drying and breathable fabric. The Triaction launch comprises of 2 separate collections to cater to different intensity levels of movements.

The Studio Collection

Triumph Triaction Sports Bra The Magic Motion WHDThe Magic Motion WHD

I could not resist picking this sweet looking piece to try on. It is definitely perfect for the ladies who prefers studio mingling sessions and healthy exchanges through yoga and/or pilates. Relax in this form fitting lightweight collection made possible with the Magic Motion and Magic Wire Air Technology. This minimizes perspiration stains and odor with bacteria-reducing and perforated fabric. You will feel amazed at the level of comfort and sculpted fit that is reminiscent of a wired cup without the wire pressing into your skin.

The Triaction Control Lite WHP

The Cardio Collection

For the ones who love the rush of intense sporting activities, be it running, TRX or even going to a trampoline park! Feel free to spring with vivacity in this collection of Dynamic Lite sports bra as it features expert certified bounce control for incredible fit and support whilst you get to look stylishly confident. Major plus points for thoughtful details like the fully functional yet aesthetically pleasing 3D power straps which reduce friction on the shoulders. This series have also been commended during the 2016 Red Dot design awards for the visionary product design.

The collection comes in 10 designs in different styles, colours and sizes go up to 80D with prices starting at $69.90. Be sure to check out the different styles in Triumph stores to find your perfect fit!

Triumph Triaction Sports Bra Triaction Hybrid Lite WHP

Triaction Hybrid Lite WHP

 Triaction Free Motion HP

Triumph Triaction Sports Bra Triaction Free Motion WHPTriaction Free Motion WHP


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