You might have come across a number of blogs that offer makeup tips on the varied beauty topics. Every blog covers a specific aspect of beauty and makeup that will enable you to be much more aware as to how you can use the product more effectively. This article will cover one such product of makeup that has its own importance. Over here, I am going to lead your attention to mascara which is an essential makeup product after a lipstick.

A mascara is usually available in a small size which is also known as the travel size and the other is the full-sized one. Below, I am going to highlight a few of the points that would persuade all the mascara users to opt for a travel size option rather than going for its full-size counterpart.

Get Through The Travel Mascara Before The Expiry Date
Get Through The Travel Mascara Before The Expiry Date

One of the best reasons that make a travel size mascara appear superior is that you will be able to use it fully before getting close to the expiry date. However, in the case of a full sized mascara, you would often find the product getting expired. Once it crosses the expiry date you would not want to apply it to you.

Travel Sized Mascaras Quickly Overcome the ‘Wet Phase’ 

The moment you open a mascara you will find it to be quite wet and dripping. However, as the time passes by, the mascaras will get better. Within a few weeks, you will find the mascara to perform better. When the two mascaras, the travel and the full sized are compared you will find the smaller compatriot to dry up quickly and move over the wet phase.

Travel Sized Mascaras Come With Same Size of Brushes

Using a mini mascara doesn’t mean that you are going to compromise on the brushes that you will get. The brush that you get along with the mascara is one of the biggest selling points of it. So buying a travel sized mascara will enable you to make use of the same brushes that you are accustomed to using with the full sized version. The wand will be shorter in the case of a travel sized mascara which is return quite useful. The shorter size of the wand will make it quite easy to maneuver around the eye.

Much More Superior Quality

The mini versions of the mascara tend to be much more superior when compared with the full-sizes ones. There are quite a few reasons associated with it. The smaller size would ensure that the formula doesn’t get dried out. The small packaging will avoid any sort of air particles to get into the product and protect it from getting degraded. There is often a case where the small-sized samples of a product tend to be much more superior and of the highest quality.

Use the Optimum Quantity of Product

Use the Optimum Quantity of Product

In the case of a full size mascara the long size of the wand would put way too much product on the brush than it is recommended. However, when using a travel size mascara the short length of the wand is ideal that will ensure that the product is taken out in optimum quantity. When the product quantity is not used as it is supposed to be, you will end up wasting the product than using it.

A Complete Win-Win Experience

The whole experience of applying a mascara from a travel sized product would be better. You will also save quite a few of your dollars. Therefore investing in a full-size mascara will not be a wise decision. You are better off going for its smaller version. Many mascara users loathe about the fact when there are not able to completely utilize the product and have to throw it as it has crossed the expiry date.

In The End

After going through the points which are showcased above, I am pretty sure that many of you are going to move over from a full-sized mascara to a travel one. The points mentioned in these article are no less than mascara tips. Along with getting a great experience, you will be able to use the product to its full potential. There are a number of celebrity makeup artists who are extensively making use of a travel size mascara.