Exactly a year ago, our team was having a nerve-wracking moment prior to the launch of The Ladies Cue. Looking back, the journey has been spectacular indeed. We would like to use this opportunity to appreciate all those that have supported us and are still supporting us. Everything would not be possible without everyone’s love!

If you weren’t with us from the beginning, here is a throwback to happenings of the past year. We look forward to building an even more vibrant community, forging greater memories!

The Ladies Cue is a Female Lifestyle Community across Asia (Founded in Singapore) that brings ladies trends and happenings about Beauty & Wellness, Health, Food, Fashion, Travel, Parenting, and Fempreneurship through digital and offline platforms.

Before the official launch, The Ladies Cue had the support of 11 beautiful women who shared their thoughts and love for the community. We would like to give special thanks to Michelle Hon, Sophie Leow, Cindy Tan, Chrissa Ng, Ashlyn Thia, Poojaa Gill, Shub B., Elizabeth Lim, Celestia Faith Chong, Jacintha Wee, and Gayathri Segaran!

We are glad to have done a successful rebranding of The Ladies Cue, thus gathering ladies in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. This lead to more friendships, support, and opportunities amongst Asian Women.

The Ladies Cue’s First Year Highlights include:

  • Onsite To Virtual
  • Collaborating With Our Clients To Offer Giveaways & Perks
  • Branding & Alliance Partnerships
  • Featured On Media & Community Platforms
  • Launch Of Meet & Greet
  • Launch Of Shop Our Recommendations
  • Launch Of Fempreneur Series
  • Launch Of Voice of The Ladies Cue
  • Mini Shops (Social Commerce)

Onsite To Virtual

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, The Ladies Cue adapted to the changes quickly. An example: “Work-Life Balance: Is It A Myth?” was planned as an offline workshop for Mothers to learn how they can explore extra sources of income. The workshop was planned to help Moms improve the quality of life of their loved ones without compromising the balance that they desire. We transformed the Onsite Workshop into a Webinar with a tight production schedule. We were extremely delighted to be well received and are thankful to the participants who were supportive of this transformation.

The Ladies Cue Team is extremely thankful to the 5 Speakers (namely Jenny Lee, Kenneth Choo, Michelle Hon, May Ng, and Dennis Chua) and participants of this workshop for reacting to the changes.

Featured On Media & Community Platforms

We were privileged to be invited by DJ Producer Violet Fenying to do a radio interview on Love 97.2FM. The Ladies Cue is happy to be able to touch more hearts of women through this particular program.

In addition, we are also honored to be the Media Partner of Beauty Mums and Babies, Mother Industrialist, Junior Chamber International, SME Marketing and many more.

Our Founder, Jenny Lee, was also featured on Female Entrepreneur Worldwide.

Launch of Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet was designed as an offline event for women to network and to support one another in times of need. However due to COVID-19, The Ladies Cue’s Meet & Greet had to be brought online. The objective was to allow women to learn from one another and as well as from industry experts. Our monthly sessions have allowed our participants to feel empowered and better informed on certain areas of discussions.

Launch of Fempreneur Series

The main highlight was to be able to discover existing and new Female Entrepreneurs (Fempreneurs). The Ladies Cue is delighted to have been able to support these Fempreneurs, and will always have our doors open to more like-minded people.

This has shown that it is highly possible for any female to be able to create a path for themselves. Special mention to all the Momtrepreneurs who we have connected with. Anyone who is a mother would know that it is tremendously difficult to juggle between taking care of the household and forging a career. We will definitely encourage more Momtrepreneurs and will support them to our fullest ability.

Launch Of Voice of The Ladies Cue

To expand The Ladies Cue’s outreach and influence, we have partnered with passionated ladies that will represent what The Ladies Cue embodies. These ladies will help to elevate The Ladies Cues presence, and assist with growing the community, whilst working closely together with our founders Jenny and Melissa. Through this, we hope to identify ladies that are keen to be a part of the team, and in turn, uncover their true potential.

Once again, our founders Jenny Lee & Melissa Tan, would like to use this chance to thank each and every one of our readers for all the kind support and love showered on them over the past year. We hope that more ladies can join us on this journey towards the goal of women supporting women.

The Ladies Cue is officially ONE!