Breathing comes naturally to us all. But breathing fresh air? Now that’s a challenge. In a metropolitan city such as Singapore, we are constantly surrounded by polluted air. Don’t believe me? Look around you – do you see cars? According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), “the main sources of air pollution in Singapore are emissions from the industries and motor vehicles.” Worst still, when we get towards the August period where transboundary smoke haze invites itself into our land by way of the prevailing wind directions.

Now, you’re reading this and asking, “so how can we combat this”? I might just have the answer for you – especially since I’ve been looking out for a solution to ease my nose allergies.

Here’s How I Improved My Air Quality

So yes, I mentioned I found the solution. While there is no way to get around creating fresh air by yourself, it is important to rely on some tools to help you do so. And I just found the perfect tool for me. It not only has no harmful levels of pollutants, it is also safe to breathe in! (Well, obviously, because it’s meant to create that healthy air).

So I am relying on this – the classic AirFreeSG air sterilisers with an award-winning design.
Poorly ventilated home air that is endlessly recycled and clogged with particulates, bacteria, and toxic fumes can affect mood, productivity, and workplace performance (given that a lot of us are working from home now). This was introduced to me by a friend.

Refresh Your Indoor Air

I learnt that the Airfree P works completely silently to get rid of up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, pet allergens, dust mite allergens and other organic air pollutants that cause allergy attacks and asthma.

All I did was plug it in and within days, I was noticed that I no longer had the breathing difficulties that I used to have, especially during nights when the air con was turned on! (Read: NO MORE NOSE ALLERGIES CAUSED BY DUST!)

I also love that it has a compact design – especially when the flats nowadays are so small, and I have very limited bedroom space which can be well placed to put other stuff. This air steriliser is suitable for spaces up to 16 – 60 m². It is much smaller than many of the other purifiers out there!

Refresh Your Indoor Air

Airfree’s patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology destroys mould, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dander, organic odours and other organic allergens. The technology used also reduces indoor harmful ozone levels. If you have mouldy areas in your house or have family members suffering from allergies, this would be very suitable!
Most importantly, I have to emphasise that Airfree’s exclusive technology is completely silent and does not require any filters or maintenance.

When it comes to air purifiers, I am particularly looking for something that comes with cost-effectiveness and convenience. I am obsessed with AirfreeSG as there is no need to change any filters, nor washing is needed!.

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