The Happy Moo - Get in the Moo-d for the World’s First Shaker Jerky!

The Happy Moo – “The Herd”

As someone who does not get to eat beef often especially after multiple phases of stay-home situations, I am so excited to receive this from Andrew! The packaging was one of the cutest snack packagings I have ever seen and the fact that it is guilt-free made it all the more tempting for ladies like us who are very health conscious. 

Happy Moo is the world’s first shaker jerky. Taking over 17 hours of preparation time, each bag of beef jerky is hand-crafted; marinated for over 12 hours in a concoction of all-natural herbs & spices, then slow-cooked to tender perfection. What is even more amazing is that there is no fat, no carbs, and no MSG making it the perfect guilt-free snack. I have received “The Herd” (S$45, up to S$51) from Andrew, which is a mixed bag of Andrew’s 3 cult-favourite flavours – Lemon Ponzu, Truffle and Mala.

The Happy Moo - Get in the Moo-d for the World’s First Shaker Jerky!

The Happy Moo – Truffle

For our truffle lovers out there, you will definitely enjoy this truffle seasoned beef jerky. Not only does the aroma fill the room once you our the seasoning in, you will find yourself unknowingly dig for more due to the profound truffle flavor! Definitely recommend this to all truffle fans.

The Happy Moo - Get in the Moo-d for the World’s First Shaker Jerky!

The Happy Moo – Mala

Up next would be a Singaporean’s favourite, Mala flavor. As someone who personally enjoys mala, I can vouch that the flavor is quite accurate to the mala that we always enjoy from coffee shops! However do be warned that the spice level is close to Da La, which might not be for everyone. You can however, choose to challenge yourself by having a taste and hope that there will be no tears coming out. But to our spice lovers, this will definitely be an enjoyable snack for you!

The Happy Moo – Lemon Ponzu

Lastly, we have our Lemon Ponzu! Lemon Ponzu flavor reminds me of sour candies that all of us would have tried before when we were young. The ponzu flavor hits you quite hard and honestly helps me to gain an appetite! Knowing that this will not make me gain much calories, makes me eager to gulf it down whenever I am hungry. I would say that this is my favourite flavor as it is easy to consume for anyone in the family.

With the seasonings coming in a separate pack, you have the option to control the amount of flavour you want in your jerky and have it just the way you like it! Just pour in the seasoning, #ShakeThatMoo and enjoy! However tip of the day for you, do try the original savoury flavor of the beef jerkys before shaking the seasoning in, it is very enjoyable as well! To purchase or get more information about the jerkys, do visit their website at https://www.thehappymoo.sg/ to get your hands on these cute and tasty snacks!

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