Our founder & CEO, Jenny Lee attended the Exclusive Media Roundtable Event on 24 Mar 2022, 3pm

Our founder & CEO, Jenny Lee attended the Exclusive Media Roundtable Event on 24 Mar 2022, 3pm

About Ministry of Helpers

Ministry of Helpers was born out of the insurance market, an insurtech brokerage and aggregator hosting 7 lines out of 15+ insurance companies since 2017. Whilst researching alternative ways for marketing maid insurance, they noticed the inefficiency and imperfections of the domestic helper sector. Ministry of Helpers is a 21st century Home Management Solution that combines Fintech, HR Tech, and Service Tech to provide an entry point for domestic workers and allow household owners to resolve pain points. They believe in a better, more productive, transparent, equal, and human way to allow them to find each other and be able to work and grow together.

Ministry of Helpers Aims To Build Better Connections For Better Homes As An Inclusive One-Stop e-Portal

The past two covid-engulfed years have proven to be challenging for the foreign domestic helper industry. Tightened measures around the world led to a shortage of helpers making it challenging for families looking for the right help, whilst existing helpers either found themselves stuck in situations where they were not able to progress anywhere, or simply locked down and unable to travel for work. Furthermore, with most companies shifting to a work-from-home setup, the situation can be quite stressful and challenging for everyone.

Ministry of Helpers was founded with a sole mission to provide a one-stop e-platform that helps both employers and domestic helpers to match, manage, and grow by offering equalized access to all information, tools, and resources, Ministry of Helpers, a dynamic, inclusive, one-stop e-platform will be launching in this month, March 2022. Ministry of Helpers changes the way employers and helpers manage their day-to-day with its task management system. With a personalized dashboard that includes home & helper management services and being available in web, app, and mobile formats, employers have easier and more convenient navigations and helpers are able to achieve their personal developments.

Launching in March 2022, Co-Founder of Ministry of Helpers, Dirk van Motman shares that Ministry of Helpers was built on a combination of necessity and responsibility. Ministry of Helpers was mooted initially from Insurance Market SG where they noticed a lot of inefficiencies and non-transparencies in the process of hiring that led to inequality. The founders also realised that there was a finding of close to 50 percent of helper/employer matches that did not survive past one year, which resulted in wasted time and resources, as well as shattered expectations and emotional well-being.

Ministry of Helpers was conceptualised to enter the market as a game-changer to an industry that is extremely difficult to navigate. With a proposition to make a structural and meaningful difference by doing business and doing good simultaneously, Ministry of Helpers is aimed towards building better connections between employers and their domestic helpers by tilting the power equation from vertical to horizontal, which eliminates inequality and inefficiency.

Dirk van Motman, Co-Founder of Ministry of HelpersDirk van Motman, Co-Founder of Ministry of Helpers

“We saw the way the COVID-19 changed our homes and so, we wanted to provide a solution that extends beyond finding the right match between employer and helper. With Ministry of Helpers, both employers and helpers can look forward to a more efficient, effective, and transparent way to manage their homes with access to a complete suite of tools, resources and information.

Ministry of Helpers is not a FDW agency, but an integrated and inclusive platform to provide progress for all.” – Dirk van Motman, Co-Founder of Ministry of Helpers.

In this delicate business of people, Ministry of Helpers understands the desire and need for both employers and employees to advance and grow. For employers, the platform offers management and financial tools that enable them to manage tasks and calendars, as well as household expenditures, salaries, and low-cost remittances. On the other hand, helpers have access to a wealth of comprehensive training programs (offered in partnership with StepUp) that also offer certification, allowing them to develop and learn new skills. Ministry of Helpers aims to be an integrated and inclusive one-stop platform that empowers both parties with growth opportunities to ultimately build better connections for better homes.

As part of the company’s mission to provide equal access and progress for all, Ministry of Helpers extends its services beyond matching and into managing and development for both helpers and employers. Offering training and self-improvement programs (in partnership with StepUp) as well as financial management and communication tools that are easily accessible to both parties. These features include a task scheduler that syncs with the user’s calendar and can be used and populated by both helper and employer, comprehensive training programs with over 100 videos and quizzes for helpers that include certifications, as well as financial services that help to manage household expenditures digitally, salary payments and low costs remittances.

With the government’s direction of building a resilient nation in the midst of an endemic situation, there’s no better time to take steps towards fostering and connecting better human relationships with your existing helper or welcoming a new one.

In the near future, Ministry of Helpers is looking forward to a global expansion as demands continue to rise worldwide, as well as an expansion of features and services on the platform that will continue to enable efficient management of homes, whilst ensuring a more rewarding and enjoyable experience for helpers who are working far from home. This will include financial literacy training and a blog for users to refer to for relevant information.

Ministry of Helpers makes this possible as an on-the-go platform that will forever change the way employers and helpers manage the day-to-day with its task management system. When navigating on Ministry of Helpers, one can expect:

  1. Optimized Matching – uses their own intelligent AI-driven matching capabilities to provide the best possible results.
  2. Contract Transparency – provides structured and transparent contracts
  3. Privacy & Safety – has a personal e-Vault for safe storage of documents, contracts, and biodata.
  4. Governance: There is a strict ethical and legal governance of the FDW value chain and related processes.

  5. Inclusion – enables access to financial services.
  6. Development – provides a social community and learning and development opportunities.
  7. Partnership – offers a shared platform to carefully selected providers of services.

Setting up your Ministry of Helpers account is hassle-free. It comes with a personalised dashboard that includes home & helper management services, available in web, app, and mobile formats for easier and convenient navigations for employers while providing personal development opportunities for helpers.

Features offered on their platform are intuitive and transparent. Currently, there are three notable features on the app, including HR & Recruitment, Task & HR Management, and Personal & Professional Growth.

Check this out! Users can sign up for a free account through the Ministry of Helpers website once it is officially launched this March 2022, or opt for access to the full suite of tools and features for an exclusive introductory fee of just $88.

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