Every eye shape can have the perfect pair of lash extensions if they are applied right. All you need to do is apply them correctly and customize to the natural eye shape. Everyone’s eye is unique and has got a different shape, depth and especially color, so you can’t really have the ”one-size-fits-all” approach in this case. You can choose between silk, mink, and synthetic lashes, and you can even ask for your wanted length. This part is super easy and fun since it is customizable per your will. However, if you want to get your lash extensions any time soon you should consider these 4 different types.

4 Different Types

Once you’ve figured out your desired lash material and length choose the style that will suit your eye the best. You can go for:


Natural looking eyes deserve a natural eyelash extension style. These are the best option if you can’t commit to one specific style.

These lashes will follow your natural lash pattern and your eye shape. Usually, they are a bit longer towards the 2/3 point of the eye. This means that they will enhance the eye without changing your eye shape.

Since these lashes aren’t too long nor too dramatic looking they are a great option for a daily wear. Highly recommended for women who are getting the extensions for the first time.

However, if you are on a lookout for something fierce and sexy this may not be your style.

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Doll Eye

If you believe that you have the doll eye type you should get this style.

These lashes are more focused on the middle portion of the eye and they will make the center pop.

If you are someone who has wide eyes or downturned eyes you may want to consider this set.

However, if your eyes are super round or protrude this will not look that flattering on you.

Cat Eye

Cat eyelashes look sexy, stunning, and will suit women who want to look fierce and glamorous.

These lashes give out that feline look which means that they are more focused on the towards of the outside edge. If applied right, these lashes will give out a sexy and exotic look.

If you are someone who has round eyes or an almond shape you will want this set since it will make your eyes appear round and sexy.

However, if you have wide eyes this set will not suit you.

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Staggered lashes are the best option for women who already have long or medium lashes.

Staggered lashes are applied as a mixture of long and short extensions all against your eye. No specific area will end up with the longest lash. These give out that ”spike” effect and are quite glamorous looking.

If you want to add some volume to your already long lashes you should get this type.

However, if your lashes are super sparse and fine then this will not suit you. They can be a bit too messy and hard to maintain if you don’t have a lot of natural lash hair.

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