It takes a village to raise a baby! Therefore, being a new mom alone is rough, there is no doubt about that. We do not want to seem like we are ungrateful for being mothers, or come across like we are complaining. However, if we ignore the acknowledgment of how difficult things can be, we put ourselves at risk of feeling like we are alone, or like we are not doing this whole mother thing well.

You are not alone. We have listed out the 5 hardest things about being a new mother for you to be prepared.

5 hardest parts of a new mother

A mother and her newborn

1. It is An Unknown Territory

You may have read books, spoken to other mothers, and prepare yourself as much as you can. But the reality is, being a parent is something you can practice beforehand. The learning curve has to begin only when the baby arrives. However, when the time comes, it gets easier, and you will quickly find your feet.

5 hardest parts of a new mother

Newborn lying down rating one foot

2. Handling Your Own Expectations 

One of the hardest things a new mother has to manage and deal with is her own expectations. From a young age, we paint a picture of what it will be to be a mother. What it will be to have babies of our own. We might even spend time dreaming of the possibilities of the motherhood journey.

Often but not, the reality does not match our imaginations.  And this isn’t a bad thing, often the reality is far better than we ever could have imagined. But there are times when we don’t realize just how hard it can be.

5 hardest parts of a new mother

Mother carrying her newborn

3. Overcoming Surprises

Breastfeeding may not be as easy as you can imagine. If you have decided to breastfeed your newborn, be prepared that there will be a range of surprises that could arise. Your baby could meet latching challenges,  you may face painful feedings or lack of milk production.

And then there is also a surprise of your baby waking up at the time you have finally fallen asleep. No matter how many stories you were told pre-baby, experience is your true education.

5 hardest parts of a new mother

A mother’s belly with stretched marks

4. You Don’t Look Like You Anymore

Many women are shocked to learn that they still look pregnant after delivering. There are other not-so-fun body changes that are common in the first few weeks, including swelling, hemorrhoids, or stitches after a vaginal tear or c-section. Going back to you takes time. No other change in a mother’s life comes as suddenly and quickly as welcoming a new baby.

5 hardest parts of a new mother

Bathing a newborn

5. Everything Is A Baby Apocalypse.

Your newborn’s first cold. His/ her first ear infection. The first loud, non-stop crying. You are new to this and it might come as a shock with the amount of work you have to put in to calm yourself down and face reality. Finding it difficult to get things done with your baby or even being productive because all you do is care for your baby. There’s no time during the day for you because all you do is change diapers, feed, and sleep baby on repeat.

The process could make you go from loving babies to hating them. But once you manage to get your act together, you will wound up right back at the start with high energy and love for your baby. And you will be sharing with your friends and family how worth it this journey is.


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