You’re wearing your sunglasses to the beach, ready to bask under the sun, only to have it slip off your sweaty nose. What’s more, your hands are full – with a drink in one and your phone in the other.

And for those who are into catching the waves, it gets worse – your designer sunglasses fall into the sea, gone forever.

That’s not if local brand Sunday Shades has something to say about that. Faced with the same problem, Co-Founders of Sunday Shades – brothers Kenneth and Raymond, and Kenneth’s wife Dorothy could not find polarised sunglasses that fitted their nose bridges without constantly bouncing and slipping off. And even when they did, they were either too expensive or their designs out of date.

Sick of Constantly Readjusting Your Sunglasses? Here's One That's Non-Slip and Sits Perfectly On Your Nose!

Wearing Sunday Shades During Beach Volleyball with Zenn Kelly

This kickstarted the trio’s deep dive into designing the perfect pair of sunglasses catered for Asian features. After six months of contacting various production partners and manufacturers, the first Asian features-designed sunglasses in Southeast Asia was born.

The classic Sunday Shades are Asian Fit, with No Bounce, Full UV Protection, Lightweight, and Affordable – a third the price of designer sunglasses.

Asian Fit

Their Classic, Tempo, and recently-launched Surge series are customised for Asian face frames. How so? Well, with raised nose pads, an altered base curve frame, and close gripped temples, these sunglasses sit snugly on the wearer’s face and do not bounce or slip during exercise or any other outdoor activities.

Sick of Constantly Readjusting Your Sunglasses? Here's One That's Non-Slip and Sits Perfectly On Your Nose!

Brisbane Marathon With Ervin Chan Wearing Sunday Shades


Crafted without any metal screws, each of these sunglasses only weigh as much as 5 sheets of A4 paper! Despite being lightweight, they are made with high-tech, impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic, which makes them extremely durable, even for vigorous outdoor sports such as beach volleyball.


Sunday Shades’ direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model allows them to retail their products exclusively online, offering their sunglasses at extremely affordable prices, which retail from S$49 to S$55 per pair on average.

Sick of Constantly Readjusting Your Sunglasses? Here's One That's Non-Slip and Sits Perfectly On Your Nose!

Jerry Skating and Wearing Sunday Shades

Well-loved by sports aficionados and athletes islandwide, Sunday Shades has sold more than 20,000 pairs of sunglasses to date, with 200% year-on-year growth in sales. The brand is constantly refining to meet their customers’ needs through designing new styles and colours. In fact, on top of their newly-launched Surge series and summer-worthy colour additions for their Classic series, Sunday Shades will be launching an upcoming sports-inspired Flare series this November.

About Sunday Shades

Founded in 2019, Sunday Shades creates stylish, well-fitting, and functional polarised sunglasses which are affordable for everyone. Designed for Asian features, their sunglasses are extremely lightweight, ensuring it stays snugly on even during vigorous activities. They are available in various colourways and are offered with standard UV400 protection. To date, Sunday Shades has sold more than 20,000 pairs, and is the official sports eyewear partner of the Volleyball Association of Singapore and Singapore Rugby Union. For more information, please visit https://sundayshades.co/.

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