Glowing, radiant skin is something that all ladies desire to have. After exploring many methods, I’ve concluded that achieving a great complexion requires a combination of product, practice and patience. Proper diet, adequate water intake as well as treatments like facials and massages are definitely important! To aid you in achieving that ideal combination, Spacio Beauty is definitely a place you should visit to get in-depth understanding about your skin and your health!

Spacio Beauty, established in 2007, provides high-quality non-surgical beauty treatments for their clients. The team of accredited professionals uses the safest and advanced technology to help their clients achieve their desired skin.

I had the chance to try out one of Spacio Beauty’s Signature Treatments. The Meridian TCM Body Treatment (90 Minutes, S$398, Trial Price S$98) consists of a comprehensive analysis that helps to identify possible health risks. The objective of the analysis is to allow the professionals to formulate a suitable treatment to strengthen, unblock or warm stagnant meridians.

Meridian TCM Body Treatment Process:

1. Spacio Wellness Analysis

It measures the bio-electric conductivity of meridians to instantly analyse energy status and identify any disharmony in organs. The technology is able to detect results such as liver functions, blood sugar levels and toxin levels in the body.

  1. Meridian Body Treatment:

         To get 10x more effective results, this treatment focuses on meridian points to activate Qi and unblock meridians to restore balance in the body and prevent health problems.

Using manual massage techniques combined with herbal oils and/or moxibustion treatment to magnify results, this treatment is a powerful aid for detoxifying the internal organs, improving blood circulation, immune system and health problems.

3. Moxibustion

         This treatment uses moxibustion (heat therapy) to stimulate acupressure            points and improve Qi flow. Energy is transmitted to relevant body areas via the meridian network to promote healing.


Spacio Beauty Bojin Facial

Besides the body treatment, there is also Spacio Beauty Bojin Facial (75 Minutes, S$398, Trial Price S$98) which you can enjoy. I’m looking forward to giving it a try!

The Bojin Facial is a holistic technique used to reverse aging. It is similar to Gua Sha, which clears blockages on meridian channels, promotes lymph drainage, increase Qi energy flow, giving the face an instant lift. Bojin uses a different handheld instrument and works on deeper tissues to treat the problems from the root. It is best recommended for saggy and aging skin. The benefits of Bojin facial include the reduction of smile lines, sharpening of jawline, improved radiance and skin elasticity, reduction of puffiness and encourages blood circulation. Bojin is highly recommended for any age and skin type condition.

About Spacio Beauty

Founded by Ivy Gao in 2007, Ivy believes that everyone can age gracefully and be a better version of themselves. Spacio Beauty is dedicated to maintaining this same single-minded focus to deliver the best quality facial and TCM massages to all clients.

Spacio Beauty has one of the most comprehensive facials in Singapore, staying ahead of the elite trends in the beauty industry to offer only the best of the best.

List of Spacio Beauty Outlets

  1. Parkway Parade Medical Center (80 Marine Parade Road, #05-08)
  2. The Bencoolen (180 Bencoolen Street #02-15/16)
  3. Clementi Branch (Blk 449, Clementi Avenue 3 # 01-229)
  4. Northpoint City North Wing (930 Yishun Avenue 2 Northpoint City #03-03)
  5. Tampines Branch (10 Tampines Central 1, #05-23/24)
  6. Orchard Branch (437 Orchard Road, Orchard Exchange, #B1-40)

For more information on Spacio Beauty, please visit https://spacio.sg/ or call 6254 6711.

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