Soft Launch Of Wellness 365 App Powered by GO Diagnostics

Zoe Chu and Gayathri Segaran exploring Wellness 365 app together

A curated wellness and healthcare app powered by GO Diagnostics is now available to connect with medical professionals and bridge with sophisticated users and patients who demand a more personalized healthcare ecosystem to make more informed decisions on medical-related issues and matters.

‘Wellness 365’ is a seamless smart app for all people to have personalized health and wellness services with play, purchases, passion, and rewarding a passive income with work-life intervention.

Soft Launch Of Wellness 365 App Powered by GO Diagnostics

Signing up for Wellness 365 App

Key innovations of the GO Diagnostics Group

  1. RNA-based screening with customized mapping of immunity, neurological and anti-aging
    mechanisms* of individual bodies.
  2. Pathological DNA advanced health screening for highest sensitivity and specificity.
  3. AI-Based – personalized medicines and non-invasive/ painless procedures without the need for surgery.
  4. Liquid Biopsy (circulating tumor DNAs and RNAs) to achieve early cancer diagnosis before they become deadly.
  5. Epigenetics Innovations to enhance wellness and healthcare solutions including accurate
    prediction of healthy lifespans and biological clocks.
Soft Launch Of Wellness 365 App Powered by GO Diagnostics

Novanne Seah, CEO of Wellness 365 App

Novanne Seah, CEO of Wellness 365 app shares that “it is a health AI machine-learning that introduces biotechnology at its convenience. It makes use of omni-channel marketing to showcase its all-in-one service platform.”

Soft Launch Of Wellness 365 App Powered by GO Diagnostics

Jenny Lee, CMO Of Wellness 365 App

Jenny Lee, CMO Of Wellness 365 app is excited to be on board, and being a community
creator, she is excited to connect all the people who are interested in health and mental
wellness. “Health is Wealth! I strongly believe this great connection and intervention shall
promote and lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Download this app and get rewarded with SGD100 to experience the new health and wellness journey within Wellness 365 app”

From now till 6 March 2023, vendors get to enjoy fee waiver setup and explore opportunities to create workshops, events, virtual fairs, and marketing & sales promotion to your targeted audiences.

Jenny Lee, CMO Of Wellness 365 app

Jenny Lee, CMO Of Wellness 365 app

The app is a platform for key opinion leaders and social media creators to discover new collaborations and projects to transform your creativity and content creation into digital venture opportunities with alliance partners.

This is only a kick-start of the Wellness 365 app in phase 1 and will be rolling out a series of activities and initiatives to outreach our ASEAN region in the Year 2023. In this new era of digital ventures and global disruptive technology, we should be working together to ignite the world with excitement and hope to embrace our life journey with great health and well-being.

GO Diagnostics believes that in challenging times, we should celebrate and collaborate with the strength of the individuals in the ecosystem and bring the community together with support, networking, and discovery.

For more information, visit:

Website: www.wellness365tech.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wellness365tech
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wellness365tech
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/wellness365-tech

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