Award Winning Forlle’d Innovations Treatments You Will Want From Skin Science Salon

The Beauty Insider recently announced the best beauty brands from 2016 and I was surprised to see that 2 out of 3 treatments that my mum had experienced from Skin Science won the Editor’s Choice Award for the Best Face-Saver Anti-Aging Professional Treatment!

With that good news, I thought I would share the results that won the hearts of the judges comprising of a trial team of readers, editorial team and bloggers.

Forlle’d is a high technology professional cosmeceuticals from Japan, specialising in anti-ageing and skin restructuring. With their low molecular weight ingredients, the combination is able to Regenerate and Rejuvenate skin at cellular level without INJECTION. These treatments produce instant results, be it, brightening, volumizing effect or/and lifting effects, so they are recommended “party look” treatments for those who wish to look their best at important events and parties!

So here’s something special for the pretty ladies, a quick overview of the three treatments.

1. Customised EXCLUSIVE Treatment ( Face/ Eyes )

skin science forlle'd oxygenic gel maskThis EXCLUSIVE Luminous Youth Defense Treatment is particularly designed to protect the skin from oxidative stress and boost cellular respiration. After the usual cleansing and extraction, the EXCLUSIVE treatment uses the Hyalogy OXYGENIC GEL MASK which used provides the skin a whitening, powerful and long lasting hydration effect on the epidermis and dermis.

Skin Science Hyalogy Oxygenic Gel Mask 2As you can see, this gel mask appears to be white in colour initially. The skin will then be treated with infra lights to speed up absorption and healing. This treatment recommended for oily, hyper pigmentation, premature-ageing, sensitive, dehydrated skin. It is also very ideal as a post treatment for chemical peel, micro needling, IPL, laser and CO fractional laser treatment.

Skin Science Exclusive Treatment Ladies Club Before and AfterThe effects of this treatment are deep hydration, whitening, intensive anti-oxidant protection, powerful lifting, firming, anti-inflammatory and stimulation of collagen synthesis. It is suitable for all skin types.

2. Customised SIGNATURE Treatment ( Face/ Eyes/ Neck )

Skin Science Platinum Face MaskThis second treatment, Skin Science SIGNATURE treatment helps regulates melanin production and eliminate different types of pigment spots. It improves the skin dramatically and has a powerful lifting effect.

Skin Science Hyalogy Platinum Face MaskBesides a combination of treatment essence, the SIGNATURE treatment uses the Hyalogy PLATINUM FACE MASK and the soothing healing pack for the neck. Forlle’d uses ionised platinum which is a powerful antioxidant that enhances the action of other antioxidants. This controls mechanisms of chronological and photo-ageing process in the skin.

Skin Science Signature Treatment Before AfterThe treatment is suitable for dull skin, uneven & stressed skin, hyper-pigmentation skin and skin in need of bio stimulation . It can also be used to enhance the efficacy of laser treatment. Not only will it moisturise the skin, lighten skin tone, restores elasticity and firmness, it will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

3. Customised LUXURY Treatment ( Face/ Eyes/ Neck/ Lower Neck )

forlle'd hyalogy lift maskThe LUXURY treatment uses Hyalogy lift mask which is a 3D face contour Sculpting treatment. This targets all major signs of aging and provide strong and long lasting lifting effect.

Skin Science Hyalogy Lift MaskThe mask and technology helps to form lift vectors into the stratum granulosum of the epidermis. This restore the structure of the intercellular cement ensures long lasting lifting effect and efficiently block the main causes of photo and chrono-ageing. Single treatment effects will last for 7 – 10 days.

Skin Science Luxury Treatment Before AfterIf your skin has signs of premature ageing or gravitation sagging,  thinning, dehydrated and dry skin including sensitive skin, you will want this non-invasive lifting treatment! The treatment is also excellent for skin recovery after aesthetic procedures such as peeling, aesthetic surgery, laser therapy and dermal injections.

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