Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!

Go worry-less with professional scalp and hair care at Coulisse Heir! The first-ever hair salon with a private pod for you to indulge in while having a pampering moment for your precious scalp and hair care. 

With great honor, Coulisse Heir invited me over to their media launch on 27 May 2022 to experience their treatments. I must say that their interior design definitely caught my attention greatly. Well, first impressions matter, doesn’t it? 

The metallic chrome reception is a loud piece that caught my attention immediately. Along with the neutral tone and warm lights of the salon, I was greeted with only a calm and relaxing ambiance that made me feel comfortable and I knew immediately that I could seriously relax here, which I needed at this moment!

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Coulisse Heir Reception

So what’s exactly so special about Coulisse Heir? 

Coulisse Heir [‘koo kess air’], founded locally and endorsed by bio-scientists, trichologists and medical specialists to keep our scalp and hair healthy. With only natural and skin-friendly products, Coulisse Heir works effectively in providing treatments that are specially curated to address mild to severe scalp and hair conditions. 

Being once a hair loss victim myself, I have been very meticulous with my scalp care. From the scalp and hair treatments that I do to the range of products used, I’ll make sure that it is always FREE of paraben, silicone, sulfates, formaldehyde, and other harsh chemicals to prevent further damage and strain to my scalp. Simply, a healthy scalp = healthy hair. It is impossible to achieve healthy hair when scalp care is neglected. 

At Coulisse Heir, the team is always ready to help you achieve a healthy relationship between your scalp and you. Prior to setting a treatment that works for you, you will get your scalp analysis by the professional team first. Everyone’s scalp is different and varies according to your personal lifestyle. In order to let you have an enjoyable occasion, the team will recommend and customize a treatment that best works for your scalp. 

Here I am, with Jacqlyn to check on the condition of my scalp. As I was 2 months postpartum, my body is going through a series of fluctuating hormones that affects my hair. I had already noticed my hair started to fall, despite postpartum hair loss usually starting only in the 4th month.

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Jacqlyn Giving Me a Scalp Analysis

After checking on my scalp, Jacqlyn patiently explained to me my scalp conditions and the many possibilities of the different trigger points. I definitely learned a lot from her with many useful tips for me to take note of so that I can take care of my scalp and hair better at home too. She also explained to me the types of treatments that my scalp needed the most at that moment and explained how they could help me in controlling my postpartum hair loss.

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Jacqlyn Explaining on the Importance of Roots Care

Once we were done with my scalp analysis, Jacqlyn directed me to my own PRIVATE POD to start my hair treatments! How exciting! 

I was recommended a personalized Signature Co-Cleanse Scalp Therapy. Meggi was the hairstylist that attended to me. She started off by giving me a scalp massage to stimulate the hair cells. This step is important so that the following treatments can be fully absorbed by your hair cells.

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Stimulating My Scalp and Hair Cells Before Treatments

Meggi then explained to me the next step, which is to use charcoal to extract all the impurities from my scalp so that the next few treatments can penetrate into my hair roots better. Filtered water mist was used to cleanse off the charcoal thereafter before our hair wash! What happened here was not just simply spraying off the charcoal, but also injecting oxygen into my scalp so that my scalp will be more nourished! 

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Meggie Explaining the Function of Charcoal Powder
Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Washing Off the Charcoal Powder With Filtered Water Mist

Next is the application of Fortify essence to soothe my scalp and strengthen those poor thinning hair. There is also the use of chromotherapy blue light to improve microcirculation to stimulate hair growth. The best part of it, there are also antibacterial and fungal properties!

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Meggi Applying Fortify Essence
Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Chromotherapy for Stimulating Hair Growth

So where do I wash my hair since it’s a private pod? Of course, they bring the basin to you!

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!

Imagine the greatness of you not having to move away from your chair in order to get your hair washed. Instead, there will be a portable basin to be pushed to you to have your hair washed. Personally, not having to get out of my chair halfway while playing my game or watching an episode of a drama is a win-win bonus for me with no interruptions so that I can completely rest and enjoy my hair treatment. 

Here’s me getting a nice hairdo after the whole treatment! What a pampering session. 

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Back View of Hairdo Style by Meggi

I must say the whole treatment was the most comfortable salon experience I had so far. What’s amazing is that I can instantly feel a difference in my scalp. Check out before on the before and after of my scalp conditions. The redness indicates my sensitive scalp, which was the early stages of postpartum hair loss too. There were some spots that were already thinning out as you can see clearly from my hair follicles. 

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Before Scalp Treatment
Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
After Scalp Treatment

If you are looking for a salon that can help you address hair loss and scalp issues, I strongly recommend you give Coulisse Heri a visit! I am completely sold on the services and professionalism here, and clearly, you can see the evident result in just one treatment. Bring along your bae or babe, because there’s also a couple room pod for you both to enjoy your privacy! 

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!

Once again, a big thanks to Coulisse Heir for taking care of my scalp and giving this new mom a great pampering session! I’ll see you again soon for my next treatment!

Self Love, Self Care With Coulisse Heir!
Rachel and Team of Coulisse Heir

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