Molecular hydrogen, the buzzword for skin health!

Our skin never lies – too much alcohol or a lack of sleep leaves evidence on our skin without mercy! Similarly, putting the right stuff into our bodies will reveal the radiance of better health from the inside out.

As ladies, we fully understand that the key factor to having clear and beautiful skin lies in the amount of water we drink. Our skin reflects upon what we put in our bodies. But did you know that drinking water that is infused with hydrogen can benefit your skin in a more effective way than normal drinking water?

Maintaining Beauty From Within

Conventional water that we take on a daily basis has an extremely little amount of hydrogen in it. Even though we have learned that water consists of hydrogen and oxygen (h20), the amount of hydrogen present is still not enough for us to stay healthy and beautiful.

Hydrogen water, on the other hand, is water infused with molecular hydrogen water, creating the ability to penetrate our bodies’ cells. This then leads to the improvements in our health such as cardiovascular function and promotes exercise and injury recovery. It also helps with skin hydration, collagen, and removes sunspots, radiating youth and beauty from within!

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There are so many pros to consuming hydrogen water. Combining health and convenience to our daily lifestyles, H2O LIFE SOURCE has developed the Hydro-Gen Bottle. Drinking directly from the Hydro-Gen Bottle can help protect our skin from free radicals, reducing skin oxidation, and preventing aged skin. A simple way to maintaining a healthy body and skin.

Having excessive oxidative stress is ultimately what weakens our living cells and tissues, leading to aging and health problems. Therefore, it is important to provide your body with the correct nutrients and intake of water. Embark on the journey to achieving better health, and skin with H2O LIFE SOURCE!

The benefits of hydrogen have also been found to impact our brain and cognitive health. The use of hydrogen also allows the support of a healthy memory.

Other Methods Of Increasing Hydrogen In Our Body Include:

  • Drinking hydrogen dissolved in water
  • Inhalation of hydrogen at low concentrations (1-4%)
  • Bathing in hydrogen water
  • Hyperbaric hydrogen chambers
  • Intravenous injection of hydrogen-rich saline
  • Increasing hydrogen production by intestinal bacteria. E.g. Consuming Turmeric

Beauty With Hydrogen Skincare

Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant on earth. This tiny molecule also happens to be the most reliable when it comes to anti-aging. Molecular hydrogen for the skin is not just for eliminating free radicals that destroy the cells, it also reduces inflammation. Hydrogen is a molecule that acts as an antioxidant anti-inflammatory and penetrates all layers of our skin and reducing inflammation, the skin is able to hydrate much more rapidly.

Hydrogen Inside & Out

If you are interested in testing out the benefits of hydrogen water on your skin, The Ladies Cue team highly recommends you drink hydrogen water daily! Take care of yourself not just from within! Start on Hydro-GEN skincare, and reap the positive effects it will have on your skin!


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