Watanabe Coffee, a cozy restaurant & cafe which serves traditional Japanese and Western Fusion Cuisine, launched their new additions to their take-out menu.

The instagrammable Soft Serve Ice Cream & Parfaits from “Perfect Break Time” based in Osu, Nagoya have debuted in Singapore! These once-a-year “hip & trendy” takeaway treats sold only during the Japanese summer to long 2-hour queues is now available at Watanabe Coffee through collaboration.

The Line-Up That Is Taking Instagram By Storm:
5 Fruits Parfait, Champagne Parfait (also available in non-alcohol) And a “Watanabe Coffee” original creation – Good Luck Oiri Soft-Serve!

Promo: Purchase and post a photo of ‘Champagne Parfait’ or ‘5 Fruits Parfait’ with hashtag #watanabecoffee on the spot and receive a $1 return voucher by end Aug.

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