ORIENT announces the launch of their Avant-garde Skeleton and Sports Collection watches in Singapore.

Avant-garde Skeleton

ORIENT STAR introduces the Avant-garde Skeleton, a new addition to its Sports Collection, featuring a powerful dynamic design. The Avant-garde Skeleton symbolises a new generation for ORIENT STAR, strengthening its appeal with its bold appearance.

The Avant-garde Skeleton, with its modern stylish design is an evolution of the Classic Skeleton, most evident in the model with red aluminium detailing contrasted against the hairline finished black case and bezel. The combination of black base hue and vivid red accents continues on the openwork dial and the perforated leather strap, giving a tough and sharp overall appearance.

The dial consists of two openwork plates superimposed to show depth with a three- dimensional effect. A honeycomb pattern below and a gear motif on top emphasise the mechanical features of the watch. The Avant-garde Skeleton has refined the exhibition of the mechanical movement unique to ORIENT STAR. Each part of the display can be read easily at a glance, not just the hour and minute hands and indices, but also the power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock and the small second hand at 6 o’clock. Even with the skeletonisation, high legibility is achieved due to the complimentary colour scheme used on the calculated open works on the dial.

ORIENT STAR, Avant-garde Skeleton

With Leather Strap

ORIENT STAR, Avant-garde Skeleton

With metal bracelet

Two designs come with a perforated leather strap; one has a black case and bezel, while the other exudes a vintage feel with a bronze colour case and black bezel. There are also two designs with a metal bracelet and a choice of either a black or silver dial.

ORIENT STAR, Avant-garde Skeleton

Model :RE-AV0A04B

ORIENT STAR, Avant-garde Skeleton

Model : RE-AV0A03B

ORIENT STAR, Avant-garde Skeleton

Model : RE-AV0A02S

ORIENT STAR, Avant-garde Skeleton


The new Avant-garde Skeleton is powered by the 50-hour power reserve in-house caliber F6F44, an automatic mechanical movement with stable accuracy and reliability. With a screw- down crown and water resistance to 10 bar, ease of wear is also improved by the gentle sloping profile of the case sides. The refined detail is suitable for active outdoor use as well as urban life.

ORIENT Sports CollectionORIENT Sports

ORIENT announces five new diver design* editions with bold new colours to its Sports Collection, and a further two models for specific countries. The collection of mechanical watches, suitable for everyday use, are popular throughout the world and have become flagship designs representing everything that is ORIENT. *Not an ISO standard diver’s watch.

Popular sports models incorporate distinctive features of professional divers’ watches such as excellent waterproofing, a rotating bezel, and dial design with high visibility. ORIENT has been developing diver design watches with these features since the 1960s.


The new models introduce vibrant, fresh colours for the dial and rotating bezel, while retaining the case, dial, and strap design of models in the existing collection. In addition to basic black, dials are available in blue, green, and red. The dials are combined with a bi-colour bezel such as blue and red with a black dial, or blue and orange with a blue dial adding a playful and creative accent. These stylish, multi-colour variations can be enjoyed in a wide range of settings, from the beach to the busy city.





Two limited-edition models for specific markets are also available which take design inspiration from the sea. One model features a colour theme suggestive of a luxurious “night of gold”, a combination of a gold colour on a black dial suggesting the moon light reflections on a night sea. The other has a white dial and black bezel, for a “big wave”theme evoking a dramatic wave rolling up with hints of sea foam. Each model will be limited to just 1,010 units, with serial numbers engraved on the case back and presented in a limited-edition box.

Models come in a 44mm stainless steel case, are water resistant to 20 bar, common to ORIENT’s diver design watches, and incorporate an in-house automatic movement. Along with eye catching designs, these watches are solidly built with reliable functions.



Both limited editions (RA-AA0917B and RA-AA0918S) will be available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China with the RA-AA0917B also available in UAE.


Established in Japan in 1950, ORIENT is appreciated throughout the world for its high-quality distinctive timepieces at affordable prices, combining its own in-house movements and original designs with final finishing. ORIENT timepieces are not only suitable for everyday use, but also admired and collected by watch connoisseurs throughout the world.


Established in Japan in 1951, ORIENT STAR originates from a desire to create a mechanical watch that would become a “brightly shining star” in every aspect, from its design and movements to its manufacture and assembly. Drawing on traditional watchmaking skills and the latest in-house integrated design and manufacturing competencies, the brand has continued to create timeless pieces such as the mechanical movements of the 46-F7 series. The delicate details, sophisticated designs and fine intricacies of these high-quality masterpieces attract the attention of watch connoisseurs from all over the world.

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