The first Celmonze The Signature salon has finally reached Singapore! With over 16 years of history in Malaysia, the skin solution specialist originating from Paris has just opened her first outlet in Singapore, making this their 22nd outlet! (21 Celmonze The Signature outlets in Malaysia).

CTS is a well known brand in Malaysia, having worked with several influencers and celebrities here in Malaysia such as MYFM DJ – Jym, Miss Chinese Cosmos International 2011 1st runner up – Jennifer Foh & Miss Astro Chinese International 2014 Champion – Anjoe Koh.Celmonze The Signature at Heartland MallI was invited to experience their Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage at Heartland Mall and was surprised to see a gorgeous Tiffany-green salon. *wink* I’m definitely showing favouritism because of their colour scheme!
Celmonze The Signature Consultation Tiffany Yong
Like most facial treatments, I had to undergo a thorough consultation and skin analysis with the consultant, sharing with them my main skin concern. As I have acne-prone skin, I was worried that the facial and massage that I have experience would be too strong and nourishing for me, causing more breakouts.
Celmonze The Signature Treatment Room
I was reassured, as The Signature Facial is an effective customized facial that is tailored to solve 4 main skin problems: acne, pigmentation, sensitive, sagging (4 problems in 1 solution). Unlike some salons who keep their products/ treatment steps a secret, here, CTS even have a detailed step-by-step guide on the procedures, as well as the products they will use to educate the customer about the their facial treatments.

Celmonze Signature Facial

Tiffany Yong Celmonze The Signature Review Extraction
The Signature Facial uses Celmonze Paris skin care products to cleanse and soften the skin with enzyme peeling, followed by extraction. As there will be a Facelift Massage later on, the extraction is kept to what’s necessary so that it won’t be too sensitive later.

There after, there is a double mask application to purify, brighten and hydrate the skin.

Celmonze Signature Facelift Massage

Celmonze The Signature Signature Facelift Massage Tiffany Yong
It’s not my first time trying a “facelift massage”, but I was surprised when the therapist showed me how the massage was done. By using hot stones, the 20 minutes treatment covers the face, neck and shoulders with techniques of Facial Lymph Nodes activation, Energy Stone Therapy and Drainage Point massage to help detox and destress, in turn boosting immunity. These hot stones also help expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.Celmonze The Signature Massage Before AfterThe Manual Lift Up Muscle Contour Massage helps to tone the 7 types of muscle found on the face, by stimulating the skeletal muscles to support skin shape as skin unable to lift without muscle support. You can see that it not only reduces puffiness and my smile lines, there’s also a significant face-slimming effect!

With extended care, you will be able to achieve a more youthful skin complexion and a long lasting firming effect!Celmonze Products Tiffany YongWhile many salons usually provide 1-2 standard set of products for their customers, as a Skin Solution Specialist, Celmonze The Signature prefer to customise the individual products to solve targetted skin problems. For example, for an acne-prone customer, instead of recommending the whole set of acne-care range, the therapist might recommend selected acne-care products combined with hydrating serum so as to not cause over-drying (which is also a cause-factor for breakouts!).

Celmonze The Signature Tiffany YongCelmonze The Signature, Heartland Mall Kovan
205, Hougang Street 21, #03-10 Singapore 530205
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Website: www.celmonzethesignature.com
Contact: +65 6282 6287 | +65 8828 8287


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