Keep Your Mum Safe and Healthy – Pamper Her with Flowers and Protect Her with Sanitizers!

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, this year Mother’s Day gift idea will be an unique and practical one!

NaOClean Asia has partnered with local florist, Hands On Floral to bring together the best of both worlds this season — flowers and sanitisers which is named as NaOClean Bloom Box. Each bloom box comprises three bottles of 250ml NaOClean sanitisers and an array of flowers such as carnations and wild foliage. You can now visit the NaOClean website to order the NaOClean Bloom Box which costs $150.

If you place your orders before 6 May 2020, you will receive a 21% discount off one NaOClean Bloom Box and 27% discount off purchases of two NaOClean Bloom Boxes.

“In this season of doom and gloom, we decided to introduce this so that it would put a smile on the faces of mothers in Singapore. We need a little humour these days. We hope that the NaoClean Bloom Box will be able to bring some laughters to the home and yet, still serve as a functional gift for mothers,” said Mr Peter Kim, CEO, NaOClean Asia.

NaOClean Asia is the producer of NaOClean’s disinfectant solution. The brand originates from Korea with over 30 years of experience in disinfectant solution, equipment research and production. This product is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. NaOClean doesn’t cause any second-hand contamination and meets the sterilization & disinfection and sanitary management provisions in “HACCP” standards. For more details, please visit www.naoclean.asia.

NAOClean AsiaNaOClean Asia’s disinfectant solutions were newly launched in Singapore, March 2020 through a charity drive where Mr Peter Kim, CEO, NaOClean Asia started donating 10,000 litres of disinfectant solution to nursing homes, senior activity centres and religious organisations.

Mr Peter Kim has been distributing several leading brands of air purifiers worldwide since 2013. A serial entrepreneur for the past 30 years, Peter has gained an in-depth understanding of the region through his various business ventures in Singapore and Korea.

Free Islandwide Delivery

Each bloom box purchase comes with free islandwide delivery so that you can share the joy with your mother even if you are not living with her. Though we may or may not be able to celebrate in person with mom this year, we hope that this Mother’s Day time is still as precious as it normally would be with the wonderful mothers in your lives. Most importantly, they are aware that you love and want to protect her with your heart and soul!

“If you’re staying with your mum, you can now show your appreciation to her for cooking and cleaning up after you during this period. If you’re not staying with your mother, you can show her some love by sending over the NaOClean Bloom Box,” said Lily Liew, Founder, Hands On Floral and mother to a six year-old daughter.

Hands On Floral is founded by Lily Liew, a visual merchandiser and display artist who graduated from fashion design. With over 15 years of experience in visual merchandising and window display in retail departmental stores, Lily decided to venture into a new challenge – to pursue what she is passionate about. Besides providing flower arrangements, Hands On Floral also offers services in visual merchandising and window display. For more details, please visit https://handsonfloral.com.

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