Battling with dry and chapped lips is a really common problem for me! I am not sure about you, but I had experienced this dilemma from time to time, especially due to the different travel weathers! Dry lips are a real struggle and it sometimes can be very inconvenient as it tends to feel rough, patchy and even causes bleeding wounds. That makes it difficult for colour application to stay and and it hurts during makeup and lipstick removal.

If you are like me and is tired of struggling against the unending dilemma of suffering from dry and chapped lips, this article is going to help you out in treating your lips the best way possible. Honestly, you don’t need any expensive products just to get through this problem! You just have to invest in good treatment therapies! But before everything else, let’s talk about the reasons why you get dry and chapped lips in the first place. You can also read more on 5 Tips on Lips for more information regarding Lip Care.

Lip exfoliation is very important for the lips. The accumulation of dead skin cells onto the lips hinders moisture from surfacing to the top, hence making the lips extremely dry. You can exfoliate your lips effectively by getting yourself a lip scrub and gently rubbing it over on your lips. I would recommend you to buy an organic lip scrub that features exceptional natural ingredients to help your lips or you can also DIY at your very own home! However, with these hard work are still not enough to gain back our healthy and youthful lips.

The miraculous treatment at Allure Beauty allows me to save time and all the hassle of weekly lip scrubs, application of non stop usage of lip balms and most importantly, gaining back my bare face confidence! The treatment kicks off with a consultation and a consent form that explains the process and any complications. The consultant goes through a simple yet detailed explanation regarding what the treatment is about. Next, she inserts a cotton pad into my mouth to prevent any serum from sipping in. There is no usage of numbing cream in this procedure, so rest assure that it is pain free and extremely comfortable. A vacuum-like suction is then used to treat the lips and in 20 mins, the treatment is completed!

The colour change and outline shape is key to the success of this treatment! I went for a pale white lip colour to a natural beige pink! As a layer of accumulated dead skin over the years has been removed (even lip scrubs can’t remove that huge amount of dead skin), the natural hidden colour unveils! There is no need to have lip colour insertion at all!

I have tried the treatment thrice and overtime, it enhances my natural lip colour, perfects my lip shape, and discreetly redefines my natural lip border. I believe if I carry on this treatment, it can also create the illusion of fullness and plumpness. I have attached a video of the entire process of the treatment in this article for your viewing!

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