On 25th January 2021, MOS Burger opened their newest outlet at One Fullerton, right next to the Merlion Park, and will be serving new menu additions alongside the amazing view of the Singapore landscape! 

The One Fullerton outlet serves the usual MOS Burger menu, and on top of it are new items that are exclusively available only at this outlet.

Food Review

First on the menu is their Signature Platter (S$15.90). The platter is a delightful combination of Mussel Nuggets, Buffalo Wings and Onion Rings!

Their mussel nuggets were a pleasant surprise for me as I do not like eating mussels due to the fishy taste. However, their nuggets were fried well enough that the fishy taste is gone and the batter was crispy and enjoyable! There are also spicy, hot Buffalo Wings that are not for the weak stomach.

For someone who is able to take spicy food, it is definitely enjoyable with a small kick to your taste buds. My favourite is definitely the onion rings as the batter is crispy with soft and fresh onions on the inside! If you are ordering this, the Signature Platter is good for 4 pax! So grab a few friends and enjoy the platter!

The next new item is a cult-favorite drink, their Signature Milkshakes. This new creation comes in 4 different, exciting flavors – Coffee (S$4.50), Mango (S$4.80), Matcha (S$4.50), and Vanilla (S$4.50). For me, I get to try their matcha milkshake and as an avid lover of matcha, the milkshake definitely brings out a thick matcha flavour! The milkshake complements well with the platter and burgers!

For the individuals who prefer to have a pint of beer to match their burgers, MOS Burger’s ONE Fullerton outlet is the only outlet that is serving up Tiger Beer (S$9 Per Glass). Their refreshing beer is also one of the best drinks to complement their flavorful burgers.

MOS Burger has also released 2 limited edition burgers: Roasted Garlic Chicken Burger (S$9.30) and Fiery Wagyu Cheese Burger (S$9.30).

I love that I was able to taste the aromatic flavors of roasted lime garlic that is generously paired together with rocket vegetables and diced tomato of the Roasted Garlic Chicken Burger. The chicken itself was very thick, crispy, and juicy which I definitely enjoyed a lot and would come back for!

However, my all-time favourite is definitely their Fiery Wagyu Cheese Burger which is very flavorful. The signature juicy and delicious Wagyu patty reminds me of the wagyu flavors that I missed so much from Japan. Stacked together with the patty are rocket vegetables and sliced tomatoes. As a spice lover, the extra kick from the Mongolian sauce and Tabasco definitely brings the burger to another level. For non-spicy lovers, the spice level is something to beware of!

The two burgers are here for a limited time only, so grab them while they are still hot from availability! 

The new MOS Burger outlet is conveniently located at One Fullerton Road, #01-10, Singapore 049213.

About Mos Burger

MOS Burger is a premium Japanese hamburger chain restaurant that offers a wide variety of unique and original tasting burgers. It was established in Japan in 1972 and to date, it has 1380 outlets in Japan. One of the unique creations of MOS Burger is the Rice Burger, which is instead of a bun, they use circular cakes of grilled rice whose filling is flavoured with traditional Japanese seasonings. It is the first Rice Burger in Japan and it has been a hit since it was introduced in Japan in 1987.

To ensure that their products are of the finest, the healthiest, and the freshest quality, they use more vegetables for burgers. They also prepare the vegetables every morning instead of pre-packed the vegetables in the factory. Every burger is prepared only upon customers’ order to ensure that customers can enjoy the flavours of the burger to the fullest.

Connect with MOS Burger!

Website: www.mosburger.com.sg
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mosburgersg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mosburgersg

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