Mos Burger Express at Holland Village MRT Station

On the 30th of November, Mos Burger opened its first-ever Mos Burger Express at Holland Village MRT Station. Previously it was only available in Hong Kong, which features a grab-and-go concept that offers a healthier and fuss-free option for anyone who is in a rush and enjoys fresh quality food choices.

To celebrate the launch of their new store, Mos Burger will be holding exclusive bi-weekly promotions for the Holland Village outlet from now till 19th January 2021. *Psst! You can even get their limited edition MOS tumbler!

There are, however, limited seats available for people who decided to drop by and have a short rest while enjoying the meal. Mos Burger Express will be featuring your all-time favourite Burgers such as Teriyaki Chicken Burger. In addition, will be a NEW healthy menu which will include wholemeal croissants as well as salad cups!

Fodd Review

I was lucky enough to be able to try their King Oyster Mushroom Croissant which costs $6 as well as their Smoked Duck Salad Cup at $5.50. Do not forget to try the other variations such as the Crispy Chicken Croissant which costs $6.50, the Smoked Duck Croissant at the same price, as well as the Quinoa Salad Cup and the Chickpea Salad cup at $5.50 each!

The wholemeal croissant was crispy and soft pairing well with the sliced King Oysters. The greens definitely gave a healthy kick that did not forgo the flavours. My personal favourite salad dressing which is the thousand-island sauce has managed to elevate the flavors of the croissant even further. However, it is important to have the croissant the moment you get it as the crispiness will be lost if you leave it unwrapped for too long!

The Smoked Duck salad cup was filled with fresh greens to help you hit your healthy meal quota of the day and the smoked duck comes in with its own delicious flavor to let you have that protein before you enjoy your favourite Mos Burgers. For the salads, you get to choose between the thousand island sauce or the Japanese dressing to give the flavors an extra kick.

*Prices with set meals differ. Consumers can make it a meal with Mos Burger’s side treats.

Mos Burger Express is conveniently located at #B1-03, Holland Village MRT Station, 200 Holland Avenue Singapore 278995.

About Mos Burger

MOS Burger is a premium Japanese hamburger chain restaurant that offers a wide variety of unique and original tasting burgers. It was established in Japan in 1972 and to date, it has 1380 outlets in Japan. One of the unique creations of MOS Burger is the Rice Burger, which is instead of a bun, they use circular cakes of grilled rice whose filling is flavoured with traditional Japanese seasonings. It is the first Rice Burger in Japan and it has been a hit since it was introduced in Japan in 1987.

To ensure that their products are of the finest, the healthiest, and the freshest quality, they use more vegetables for the burgers. They also prepare the vegetables every morning instead of pre-packed the vegetables in the factory. Every burger is prepared only upon customers’ order to ensure that customers can enjoy the flavours of the burger to the fullest.

Connect with MOS Burger!

Website: www.mosburger.com.sg

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mosburgersg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mosburgersg

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