I have always been a believer of sheet masks. I have been using sheet masks on a daily basis and this habit has tremendously improved the quality of my skin since my flying days. There is a saying – “there are no ugly girls, only lazy girls”. Regular masking puts my discipline to a test as it requires at least 10 to 20 minutes every day to see optimal results.

What is Sheet Mask?

Sheet masks are face-shaped fabric sheets that are soaked in nutrition-packed solution (also known as serum). They are generally used once and are extremely easy to use. Packing differs – they can come in individual packs or in box of 5s, 10s or even 30s.

Who uses Sheet Masks?

Increasingly, many ladies are using sheet masks in their skincare routine because of the convenience it brings. Many use it to “glow” themselves up before an important event or even putting on makeup. I usually put on my mask and multi-task (just like what I am doing now!)

When should I use Sheet Masks?

I find that the results of sheet masks are great when I use it at night, or in the morning before applying make up. I would recommend using creamier and richer masks at night so that your skin can absorb the “essence” while you are sleeping. I use Mishang masks daily because I find that my daily applications of make up dries my skin. Therefore, I would use face masks daily to ensure that my skin stays hydrated, which helps to minimise occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. I only use them in the night but sometimes when I have time, I would mask my skin twice.

Where do Sheet Masks originate from?

Before sheet masks ever invented, people used facial mask, which was a thick pasted mask, that was applied to clean or smoothen the face. The first facial mask was invented in England during the 18th century by Madame Rowley. It was known as the “face glove” that aids in preserving the complexion of the skin. Today, masks are originated from Japan and South Korea. They are well known for their dedication in skin care, that is why sheet masks are widely popular in Asia as a whole. These days, Taiwan and China skin care masks are also really effective in hydrating the skin!

Why should I use Sheet Masks?

Their purpose of sheet masks is to nourish, and hydrate our skin. I call it a “One-Time Treat” for our skin. Just like how pet dogs and cats enjoy their treats, a sheet mask is a snack to my skin on top of the daily skincare routine that I already have. Mishang masks have helped many who has acne issues reduce their inflammation and redness. It is wonderful for people with sensitive skin as well. I am using it because I have dry skin and I saw the effect in my skin after just one use!

How to use Sheet Masks?

It is really simple! I remove the sheet mask formats packaging, apply the serum thats flowing out from the pack on my first face. Applying the serum on my face first ensures the serum is evenly distributed before I place the sheet mask my face carefully, ensuring that I match up the eye, nose, and mouth holes. After which, I would press the sheet mask onto my skin and wait patiently for 15 minutes. It also depends on the type you use so always read the labels before using. Once I have the sheet mask removed, i use the remaining serum that is left on the sheet masks to wipe my hands and legs. I always pat the serum into my skin before I end the routine.

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