What is the first drink that comes to your mind in Singapore’s hot and humid weather? That’s right – bubble tea! Bubble tea craze has been going strong in Singapore and there is no signs of it stopping any time soon. How does the sound of bubble tea with customization to suit your taste sound to you? It is not surprising why Milksha (迷客夏) is so popular because of its personalized drinks.

On 30th August 2019, Milksha has opened its third outlet in less than three months since the opening of its flagship outlet at Suntec City. Launched to cater to high customer demand, the new outlet will be nestled in Paya Lebar Quarter. Milksha is the leading bubble tea brand in Taiwan voted by university students and is loved by all. Milksha’s offerings are handmade with 100% natural milk and fresh ingredients, without any preservatives or chemical additives.

Exclusive Drinks at PLQ

At the new outlet, you can enjoy exclusive personalised summer drinks, such as the Brown Sugar Lemonade at S$4.20 for a Medium, S$5 for a Large and perfect with a top up of honey pearls at $1 which will definitely be a hit amongst females. This drink is a secret item and has a Taiwan nostalgic taste, and all the ingredients, from lemon juice to brown sugar and honey pearls, are specially imported.

The fresh brown sugar, which is stir-fried every day, helps temper the acidity of the lemon juice to provide the perfect balance of sweet and sour. 

The Refreshing Orange Green Tea with Honey Pearl (S$4.20 for a Medium and S$5 for a Large; Top up S$1 for Honey Pearls) on the other hand will appeal to the male customers. Just like the Brown Sugar Lemonade with Honey Pearl, all the ingredients for the Refreshing Orange Green Tea with Honey Pearl are also specially imported from Taiwan. The citrusy orange juice pairs impeccably with the light and delicate jasmine green tea, providing respite for Singapore’s sweltering heat.

First launched as a limited-edition drink during National Day, the Red Bean Ice Blend (S$5.40) is now a permanent item on the menu due to popular demand. This ice kacang-inspired offering features special Taiwanese azuki beans (red bean) and boasts a sweet, earthy note.

Why We Love Milksha?

Established in 2004, Milksha is driven by its mission to offer “Natural, Handmade and Unique Milk Beverages”. To achieve this, it uses 100% natural milk and natural ingredients to create its products. No preservative, chemical ingredient or artificial colouring is used. As the leading bubble tea brand in Taiwan, Milksha has long been a preferred choice for Taiwanese consumers of all ages. The best-selling items include Earl Grey Fresh Milk Tea, Fresh Handmade Taro Milk, Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk, Orange Green Tea and Brown Sugar Milk.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Milksha’s newest outlet and have a go at their new drinks! I love the Refreshing Orange Green Tea with Honey Pearl. What will your favourite be?

Milksha Paya Lebar Quarter
10 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409057

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