One of the things on my mind during my recent pregnancy was whether I should do a maternity shoot. I mean, it is not always you can look good when you become big. I thought for awhile, and I want to embrace how I look during my pregnancy, hence I went ahead with the maternity shoot and kept the photos as memory sake.
Next step was to choose what kind of shoot I want. There is wide variety of choices – from outdoor shoot to indoor studio or even a mixture of both. However, I ended up choosing the indoor shoot because I was really huge and heavy during my third trimester. I felt that it would be easier to manage indoors, and there would be aircon. I am lucky to have chanced upon B&G Lifecasting that offers maternity shoot at a very affordable price! They even have their very own BigShot Photostudio at two prominent locations.
Here are some other observations I had on B&G Lifecasting:

Easily Accessible Location

As it was a last min decision, I am thankful that they could accommodate to my timing, and even have two different easily accessible studios (one at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the other at Mount Alvernia Hospital) for me to choose.

Fuss Free Shoot

The best part is, you definitely need not worry about what to wear as they provide everything that is required for the shoot. All I need to do was to make sure my hair and make-up is done and I bring my own inner wear or white underwear. It is fuss free –  I need not spend additional money to dress myself up.
If you are keen to purchase your own maternity gown, you can bring it along as well!

Friendly Photographer

This is definitely a plus point, as I decide to bring my #1 along for this shoot as well. Knowing my #1 is still young, it is not easy to ensure he stay throughout the whole shoot and listen to what the photographer wants. Thankfully, the photographer JJ was patient and interacted with my #1 so that he was more comfortable. JJ managed to take quite a number of good shots for him!
B&G Life Casting, Maternity Photoshoot
Below are some of my favourite photos from the shoot. As you can see, I am not a professional model but JJ still taught me different poses and made me look pretty.
B&G Life Casting, Maternity Photoshoot
Family shoot, and I am allowed to bring my #1 without additional costs!
B&G Life Casting, Maternity Photoshoot
The ideal time to take maternity shoot is during pregnancy week 33 – week 36, as the bump will be ideal. When I took it, I was at week 37, so my bump was slightly lowered.
Totally loving all these photos, and having no regrets cause I have all these as memories.
Check out my experience in the video below!
And being our loyalty reader, we have a good news for you!
We have got a great deal with B&G Lifecasting for all pregnant mums!

B&G LifeCasting Maternity Shoot Studio Package

Usual price $499 NOW $299

Package includes

1) A3 photo frame with photo of choice (edited)
2) 100 unedited soft copies
3) Max 3 pax (inclusive preg mom). $25 per additional pax
4) Maternity Wraps and basic props provided

Get it Here

My dear mummies, have fun and hope you can create wonderful memories with this great deal!

About B&G Lifecasting

B&G Lifecasting Asia helps people create highly personalized casts of their body parts, usually hands and feet. Such casts are a wonderful way to preserve those special moments in one’s life, and especially powerful in capturing the bond between people.
You can locate them at:
Mount Alvernia Hospital
Address: Mount Alvernia Hospital #01-22, 820 Thomson Rd, 574623
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm
KK Women’s and Children Hospital
Address: Bukit Timah Rd, 100, Singapore 229899 #01-22
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm