Everyone knows during this pandemic, it is recommended to wash our hands with soap and water whenever possible. Washing our hands reduces all types of germs and chemicals found on hands. However, if soap and water are not available, using a hand sanitiser can prevent us from getting sick and spreading germs to others. 

Orris & Vanilla – S$ 15.00

Parisian haute perfumery Maison 21G scented hand sanitiser 2.1 contains luxurious perfume essences and is available in 4 invigorating yet comforting scent combinations to keep consumers fresh and protected by keeping germs at bay. The scented sanitisers are hand-crafted with the most expensive ingredients in perfumery to protect and moisturise hands. It is definitely comforting and reassuring during times when it is needed the most.

Maison 21G 100% Natural Scented Hand Sanitiser 2.1

Sage & Lavender – S$ 15.00

The 2.1 hand sanitisers are available in 4 scent combinations and each product contains 75% alcohol to offer full protection and kill germs and bacteria. It comes in a compact size of 15ml in a small, light glass bottle and is the perfect for on the go and fits in any handbag or pocket.

Maison 21G 100% Natural Scented Hand Sanitiser 2.1

Basil & Lavandin -100% natural – S$ 20.00

2 of Maison 21G’s brand-new hand sanitisers come with 100% natural essential oils, which are marked by the ’100% natural’ sign on the label. One expression is invigorating basil with soothing lavandin oil, while the other is refreshing vetiver combined with calming lavandin, a type of lavender grown in higher altitudes with a more medicinal scent.

Vetiver & Lavandin -100% natural – S$ 20.00

Where to purchase Maison 21G?

The products are available for purchase on Maison 21G’s website and at its Singapore boutique and can be shipped to a range of countries worldwide. For more information visit: https://maison21g.com/products?type=hand_sanitizer&id=2061

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