Latest tests re-affirm the efficacy of Livinguard Technology in protecting against viruses and bacteria

Livinguard - Presents Masks that Protects Against COVID-19 Virus

Livinguard – Presents Masks that Protects Against COVID-19 Virus

Mask wearing has become a part and parcel of our lifestyle due to the pandemic. I have also wondered how we managed to get used to it when we were once freely walking down the streets without having to wear it. As such, it is important for us to keep ourselves safe by wearing quality masks that can guard us against COVID-19! Livinguard is one such company that developed protective face masks with antiviral and antibacterial properties, achieving an average of more than 99% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria. This reinforces the efficacy of its patented technology and proves that Livinguard’s revolutionary technology protects its wearers at a time when face masks are again at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. 

In Singapore, Livinguard continues to be committed to supporting and protecting frontline workers, by recently partnering with Grab Singapore to provide 22,000 masks for the company’s private car hire and delivery drivers so that they can rest assured, providing them with the comfort that they are duly protected in the course of their workdays, where they encounter a variety of people as Singapore moves into managing COVID-19 as endemic. 

Livinguard - Presents Masks that Protects Against COVID-19 Virus

Livinguard – Presents Masks that Protects Against COVID-19 Virus

Livinguard’s masks have also provided high comfort meaning that users are less inclined to remove them, ensuring they stay protected while they work with the convenience of only needing to be washed once a week, and are efficacious for up to six months before you need to buy a new one. Over 90% biodegradable, a single Livinguard mask removes hundreds of single-use masks from landfills or entering the environment. In 2020 alone, Livinguard replaced 4.5 billion single-use, disposable masks globally. 

In addition to being available for purchase online, Livinguard’s selection of antiviral masks is also now available at selected Guardian outlets island-wide, making it easier for those who prefer to shop in person. 

For information about Livinguard and its groundbreaking technologies please visit www.livinguard.com. To find Livinguard products please visit the official website, Lazada and Shopee. 

Follow @livinguardtech on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on how the company is working towards protecting the health and well-being of millions with the power of permanent disinfection. 

About Livinguard AG

Livinguard is an environmentally friendly hygiene technology platform based in Zug, Switzerland. It is the first company in the world to empower textiles and other materials with self-disinfecting properties, it licenses its patented technologies to companies from various industries to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers. Livinguard AG operates in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Singapore, Japan, India, and South Africa. The ever-increasing levels of pollution, global travel, shared mobility, and the prevalence of drug resistant microbes have led to growing threats of infectious disease. The company sees its solutions as essential safeguards that can offer enhanced safety and better health to billions of people. Livinguard believes that our future is tied to sustainable solutions that treat our world kindly. Their commitment is to develop highly effective technologies that also minimize waste and use of resources. The company views personal and planetary health as inseparable imperatives and the foundational base of everything that they do. Livinguard is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Innovators Community. 

During the pandemic, Livinguard has donated tens of thousands of its reusable COVID-19- fighting masks to frontline workers and others across the globe, including in hard-hit India. In Singapore, the Temasek Foundation has distributed millions of free Livinguard masks to that country’s residents since the start of the pandemic. And, in the U.S., Livinguard has partnered with leaders in cities such as Huntington, Indiana to provide masks to frontline and other municipal workers, as well as residents.

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