Featuring Four Beauty Devices Designed to Improve Overall Skin Tone and Elasticity

The new lineup offers four home beauty devices: Dual Cleanser, Galvanic Ion Booster, Total Lift Up Care, and Derma LED Mask – to cleanse, nourish, lift and firm the skin respectively, has bridged the gap between beauty and technology!

Designed to heighten existing skincare routines for faster and more apparent results, LG Pra.L is a beauty solution built with cutting-edge tech to provide the modern woman with aging-preventive care, all from the comfort of the home.

Pra.L is inspired by the belief that ‘true beauty comes from within’ and is designed with LG’s LED technological expertise, a brand renowned for its TVs and other displays. LG Pra.L devices have already been recognized in the 2018 Korea Brand Hall of Fame presented by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies and Brand Design Association of Korea. Additionally, the four LG Pra.L devices come with the convenience of a silicone handle for better grip, voice assistance to give users verbal guidance to achieve optimal results, USB type-C plugs for easy charging and an extra-long battery life for maximum travel portability.

Dual Cleanser: Deep Cleansing for Soft, Glowing Skin

Dual Cleanser: S$449

The best skincare regime begins with clear and clean skin. The Pra.L Dual Cleanser comes with two brush options: a silicone brush for gentle daily cleansing, and a fine fibre brush for deeper cleansing. The device automatically detects which brush is attached and changes the mode accordingly. I really love how simple it is to use this device because the design is made with convenience in mind!

The Dual Cleanser offers two intensity levels, as well as a choice between 70 and 120 seconds of cleansing. The variations allow users the flexibility to cleanse daily, or for days when a more thorough clean is required. Using LG’s Dual Motion technology combines a cleansing motion with deeper micro vibrations, and even takes care of hard-to-reach, troublesome areas and effortlessly reduces pore size, dead skin cells, and blackheads.

The device is also waterproof with an IPX7 rating, which makes it shower- and running water-friendly. Unique to the Dual Cleanser, it comes with a cradle that has an in-built UV light to sanitise the brush when not in use, enhancing product life and ease-of-use. Frequent travelers can also easily pack the Dual Cleanser thanks to its compact design and long battery life, which lasts for up to a month on a single charge.

Galvanic Ion Booster: Enhancing Absorption of Skincare Ingredients

Galvanic Ion Booster: $529

I was able to effectively remove dead skin cells for better skincare product absorption with the LG Pra.L Galvanic Ion Booster. It uses Iontophoresis (a method that utilises electrical current to allow the nutrients in skin products to penetrate deeper into the skin’s surface), ultrasonic waves and thermal therapy to cleanse the skin and boost absorption of skincare products. Its triangular-head design, made from medical implant-grade material has superior corrosion resistance and helps to smoothly glide over the contours of the face. Its convenient wireless design also makes it easily portable, with an extra-long battery life that lasts up to two weeks on a single charge.

The Cleansing Mode is designed specifically for deep pore cleansing, applying thermal therapy to temporarily loosen pores and draw out impurities such as residual makeup and sebaceous waste from deep beneath the skin’s surface.

The Boost Mode uses ultrasonic waves to open pores further and deliver active ingredients of skincare products via Iontophoresis. A gentle heat massage follows to relieve facial tension. It is recommended to start with the Cleansing Mode first in order to maximise the benefits of Boost Mode. I applied each mode once a day for a period of two weeks and saw a great improvement in pore size on my cheeks!

Total Lift Up Care: Deep Tissue Tightening and Lifting with Red LED Light

Total Lift Up Care: $699

A woman’s collagen production starts to decline at about age 25, and decreases even further after 40. The Total Lift Up Care device helps to achieve plump, youthful skin through its tightening and lifting functions.

I start this device by applying a layer of gel product before beginning each function. The device offers two separate functions: Tightening Mode, which uses high-frequency thermal therapy and red LED light to penetrate the deep layers of skin and trigger collagen production, while the Lifting Mode employs microcurrents which stimulates skin tissue and muscles for a tightening and lifting effect. The head of the device is also made from the same medical implant-grade material as the Galvanic Ion Booster for greater durability.

After using the Total Lift Up Care twice a week for 8 weeks, I was able to see improvements in skin elasticity and I realised my face got slimmer!

Derma LED Mask: Only Nine Minutes a Day for Brighter, More Radiant Skin

Derma LED Mask: $1,349

Using 160 LEDs (80 red and 80 infrared) of long- and short-wave light to penetrate the skin at different depths, it rejuvenates skin layers to encourage cell regeneration for firm, radiant skin. Only nine minutes a day over four weeks is needed to see results. I noticed an improvement in skin tone by after using it twice a week. It is in fact the easiest to use because all I have to do is to put it in, and press the on button!

The Derma LED Mask is safe and effective to use, and is the only Korean-made product of its kind to be given an “FDA cleared” rating by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The mask produces the optimum amount of light throughout the effective usage time of nine minutes, thus creating efficient and positive results while ensuring safety of use.

The Derma LED Mask also protects the eyes with an eye-shield design made from safe silicone for comfort, minimising the glare from the LED lights. An additional safety feature includes a Sensing Detector, where the mask operates only when correctly positioned on the face.

The user-friendly mask also has a transparent visor that allows the user to see through whilst wearing it, so I was able to multi-task at home for efficiency while enjoying my treatment. Like all other Pra.L products, the Derma LED Mask also offers a long battery life, lasting up to seven days on a single charge.

To find out more on LG Pra.L , you may head over to is TANGS at Tang Plaza, Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Jem and KRISSHOP, or head over to https://www.lg.com/sg/pra-l

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